Lucía y Milagros descubren que Marcelo ha desaparecido. Amador secuestra a Marcelo para poder deshacerse de él. Amigos y familiares se despiden de Nora en su funeral. Rebeca decision suicidarse.

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...announcer: televisa presents...lucía: marcelo called you?nazario: he come shuffling,and spring shattered.poor boy. He's yes, really sad.lucía: ns know.nazario: and also he's thinkingabout leaving this place.lucía: i know that too.nazario: you're tho on time.why don't you speak to him?lucía: no.i can't.and ns don't thinkhe wants me to carry out it either.amador: an excellent night.rafaela: i thought we had forgotto turn off the light.why aren't girlfriend sleeping?milagros: i don't know.i can't sleep.rafaela: oh, don't phone call meyou're tho worriedbecause you've discovered that woman.milagros: no, no. Of course not.i'm worried around marcelo.i feel really sadbecause we're distant.he's my only sonand i require him v menow, much more than ever.rafaela: why don't you call himand tell him the sameyou've simply told me?milagros: since he won't evenanswer, rafaela.where are you going?rafaela: come on, contact don't shed anything.amador: marcelo, obtain up.get up. Acquire up. Getout.see this?see this?do you recognize it?if girlfriend don't carry out exactlywhat i tell you,i'll use, you'd far better be quiet.stay quiet, quiet.milagros: the doesn't answer.and i don't think he's sleepingbecause he always goes to bedvery late.lalo: hey, it's therefore weirdthat lock don't open up the door.teresa: probably nazario found outabout nora and they wentto my bosses' house.lalo: yet marcelo's car's here.i think he has to be here.teresa: possibly they 2 of themwent there in the exact same car.what's that?lalo: part keys.teresa: look.they room marcelo's.he may have actually dropped them.lalo: i don't like this in ~ all.nazario: hello.milagros: good's milagros fuentes,marcelo's mom.who am i talking to?nazario: um, nazario treviño,milagros.good night.milagros: oh, um--um--i'm sorry about the time,but i want to knowif my child is thereor if you recognize where he is.nazario: no, i don't.i've just left himin his houseand he to be planningto go to méxico.milagros: at this time?nazario: you recognize him.he's little bit this time,he should be top top the road.milagros: the doesn't answerhis cellphoneand to be honest,i'm obtaining worried.nazario: no. Ns don't thinkyou need to, offer me time to call himand i'll call you.will you provide your number,please?milagros: yes, yes, okay.nazario: thank you.great. Ready.i'll call youas quickly as i know something.thank you.lucía: something happenedto him, right?something taken place to marcelo?nazario: no.the point is his mothercouldn't contact himand she's worried, the course.that's all.lucía: okay, yet if she couldn'tcontact him,there must be a reason.nazario: no, however don't startimagining things. Don't worry.i'll walk to the house now,i'll discover himand i'll let girlfriend know.lucía: no, no, no, nazario.if milagroshas already called your houseand nobody's answered,it's due to the fact that he's not there.nazario: don't start imagining--lucía: probably he had an accidenton the roador something happened to him.nazario: don't invent things.don't worry.i'll find him nowand i'll let friend knowimmediatelyabout what's walk on,but you have to calm down,darling. Okay?lucía: yes.lalo: nazario!teresa: there he is.lalo: nazario, is marcelo here?nazario: no,i'll go to the residence nowto see if i can find him.lalo: no, no, no.teresita and i have gone thereand nobody's answer the door.and the weird thingis that his carwas parked the end thereand--and look, we foundhis tricks dropped.nazario: oh, my god.teresa: we're bothreally worried.lalo: the first thingthat arisen to meis that perhaps he to be robbedagain,but if that had actually happened,he'd be there,beaten however in the house, right?nazario: yes. No, ns don't thinkthat happened this time.teresa: climate what?nazario: lend meyour cellphone, okay?lalo: here you are.nazario: commander,i'm sorry because that calling youat this time, yet i wantedto tell girlfriend somethingand i hope it's no true.amador: continue to be quiet. Okay?quiet.don't try to make it fasteror this is'd far better walk slowly.okay?don't shot to escape.rebeca: where are you, honey? nora.magdalena: patience down.calm down.they haven't brought her yet.rebeca: tell me it's no true.tell me that nora's fine,that every this is a nightmare,magdalena.magdalena: ns wishi can tell girlfriend that, rebeca.rebeca: please, phone call meit's no true.why has god punished mewith this? i'm the onewho should have died.where's mine daughter?i want to be through my daughter.lucía: if marceloisn't in her house,but his automobile is there,where is he then?nazario: i don't know,but i've currently calledthe police.they'll look for him.lucía: where?nazario: they'll knowwhere come start.lucía: no. Ns can't--i can't take it anymore.i can't take it anymore,nazario.i oath they room too numerous thingsat the very same time.i can't anymore.nazario: you need to calm down,darling, please.lucía: i swear i don't careif ns don't view him ever again.i'm ready to give up ~ above him,but ns don't want anything badto happen to him, please.nazario: nothing happenedto him. You'll see.he'll it is in fine.lucía: i'll--i'll call his mom.nazario: no, no, no.what space you going to tell her?lucía: the truth.she's his momand she's wait for news.and leave her like this,without discovering anything,is much an ext cruelthan informing her the truth.nazario: yes. You're right.magdalena: has mario come back?rebeca's desperateand she doesn't stopasking about nora.nazario: no,he hasn't come back.magdalena: is over there somethingmore i still don't know?lucía: marcelo is missing.magdalena: what?lucía:, no, no, please, have to speak.i don't--i can't.nazario: yes.lucía: brígida: who's ringing the bellat this time?rodrigo: ns don't know, mom.i'll answer,but, please, remain here.i'll be appropriate back.commander: an excellent night.rodrigo: good night.i assumption: v you have newsabout my dad.commander: not exactly.rodrigo: so?commander: what type of relationdid her father havewith marcelo escalante?rodrigo: a really negative one.brígida: amador no him.he thinks the boyis the responsible onefor all his problems,especially the job ones.rodrigo: why are you asking?commander: since it's our jobto investigate. That's why.rodrigo: inspection what?commander: apparently,marcelo escalante is missing.and nazario treviño supposesthat her dad had somethingto perform with that.brígida: oh, for god's sake.don't call me that now,apart indigenous everything,you're also thinkingthat mine husband is a kidnapper!commander: i'm not thinkinganything, madam,but if what mr. Treviño supposesis true,things would obtain complicatedunnecessarily.and if that was true,your husband must have actually hadto take that guy somewhere.does any of girlfriend have any kind of ideaabout where he might be?brígida: how deserve to we understand that?commander: you room the oneswho understand him better!make an effort!we require to discover himbefore his situationgets even much more complicated.amador: patience's at appropriate temperature.i lost everythingbecause of family,my son's love,20 year of best friend ruined it's my turn to damage you.don't escape!there's no means out!it's all locked!milagros: hello.lucía: it's lucía.milagros: carry out you knowwhere my boy is?lucía: no, ns don't know.i simply knowhe hasn't left puebla.milagros: where is he then?lucía: ns don't know.i don't know.i'm yes, really worried too.i require to understand he's fine.i lost my sister this afternoonand--i wouldn't bear to knowthat something's happeningwith marcelo.milagros: what?you lost your sister?lucía: nora died this quickly as i understand somethingabout marcelo,i'll contact you again.rafaela: what did she say?milagros: the she doesn't knowanything about my son.rafaela: oh.milagros: that her sister died.rafaela:
oh, god.lucía: you need to be need to be fine.magdalena: lucía,the police has just calledyour godfather to tell himthat they probably knowwhere marcelo is.and castle asked himto go through them.lucía: where?magdalena: to the factory.lucía: why there?magdalena: because if amadorzúñiga took marcelo,the most probable thingis that they space there.lucía: amador zúñiga?no, auntie.that guy hates marcelo.he's walk to death him.magdalena: patience down, patience down.god won't allow anything badhappen to him.okay? calm down.have you already calledmarcelo's mom?lucía: yes,but ns can't tell she this.i can't if i'm no surethat what the police supposesis true.magdalena: us shouldn't loseour faith.we must thinkthat whatever will be fine.okay? calm down.commander: is it the just door?nazario: no, there's an additional onein the back part.this is the key.commander: okay.we'll obtain insilently and also carefully.we don't knowif the person we're spring foris, we don't need to alert him.nazario: let's go.commander: girlfriend two,over three, v me.i guess girlfriend knowwhich an essential is because that each door.nazario: yes, sure.commander: come v, continue to be here.amador: marcelo: amador: nowyou're going to die.rodrigo: dad, no!amador: what room you act here?get out!rodrigo: because that what you most love,don't execute it.don't execute it.amador: ns don't have actually anythingto lose.rodrigo: dad, because that what you mostlove, don't placed an endto the small affectioni still feel for you.amador: nazario: room you okay?marcelo: yes. Yes, yes.i'm okay.commander: take one ambulance.marcelo: no, no, no.that's not necessary.nazario: you should havethat wound examined.marcelo: seriously,it's no necessary.commander: look,once you get better,go to the general public ministryto give your statement.marcelo: thank you.rodrigo: ns didn't perform it because that you.i did it for my dad.and for lucía.nazario: you'll go havethat wound examined, okay?we'll walk to the residence thenso the you can havea good shower.and then,whether friend agree or not,you'll call your mombecause she's been very worried.and friend don't knowhow my goddaughter has actually been.lalo: hi.yes, nazario.i'm so happy you're callingbecause teresita and iare really worried here.yes?really?nazario,that's--that's great news.uh-huh. Something choose that.i have the right to imagine.don't--don't worry, nazario.i--i'll tell herwith pleasure.take care.teresa: what happened?lalo: they've currently foundmarceloand he's safe and also sound.teresa: god be blessed.lalo: yes. Nazario asks meto phone call lucíabecause apparently,her phone to be off the hookor--or liven or something.he couldn't call her.teresa: let's go ideal now.lalo: yes.teresa: hey.and didn't that tell youif it to be that male or what?lalo: who knows? ns guess so,but what mattersis the marcelo's fine.teresa: yet can you--can girlfriend imagine--?brígida: wh--what happened?was he at the factory?rodrigo: brígida: withmarcelo escalante?rodrigo: yes.fortunately,the police could catch himbefore that did something come him.brígida: fortunately.and--what will certainly happenwith her father?rodrigo: i don't know,but with the charges the hasagainst him,he'll invest a lot of yearsin prison.brígida: the won't it is in ableto put up v it.and ns won't either.rodrigo: we'll have to bevery strong.this will bring us botha many problems.lucía: is marcelo in reality fine?swear come me the that mandidn't execute anything to him.swear come me.nazario: calm down, darling.he has actually a an extremely hard blowon his forehead,but he's currently had some x-raysand it's nothing serious.lucía: okay, but why isn't hehere through you?why didn't that comeso the i might see him at leastand--and--and see he's fine?nazario: since he had actually to stayto have actually a shower in the house,he's going to changehis clothes.he have to be offering his statementin the public ministryright now.magdalena: i'm sure he'll cometo check out you after that.right?lucía: no.marcelo's already madea decision.and that won't readjust his mind.mario: i've simply seenlalo and tere out thereand they told methat amador zúñigakidnapped marceloand who knows what else?nazario: yes, that's right,but fortunately,it to be nothing worse.that swine is detained now.mario: why didn't you contact meto save me approximately date, honey?magdalena: since you werereally busy through that matter,mario. Ns didn't wantto give you more problems.besides,you couldn't have solvedanything.could friend finishwith the proceedings?mario: yes.the funeral home's alreadytaken the bodyand as soon as they have actually itready,they'll carry it here.magdalena: i'll tell rebecabecause--i want to go hometo readjust my clothesand be below when--they carry nora.mario: i'll go through youbecause i desire to ask youa couple of things about your sister.excuse me.nazario: i'll go house too, but--i'll be ideal back.lucía: nazario,tell marcelo that...don't tell the anything.milagros: hello.marcelo: hi, mom.milagros: darling,you don't know exactly how glad i feelto hear you.marcelo: i recognize nazario'salready told girlfriend i'm fine,but i want to speak to youmyselfso the you can be calm.milagros: give thanks to you.thank you, honestly,for call me.marcelo: in spite of everything,you're my mother and--i love you.milagros: and also i love you, dear.and ns love you.marcelo: the was it.rafaela: girlfriend didn't call himeverything friend wantedto phone call him last night.milagros: i favor to tell him personallywhen he comes to see me,well, if he ever does it.rafaela: of food he willand soonerthan what girlfriend imagine.milagros: may god listen to you.may god hear to you.rafaela: you didn't ask himhow lucía's sister died.milagros: no, no,, the course ns didn' I didn't thinkthat to be prudent.lucía: magdalena: nora's already here.rebeca: give thanks to you.i'll go downstairs in a minute.daniela: dad!dad, i'm home!dad?alfredo: give thanks to you because that coming.daniela: girlfriend made me come call mewhat was so importantthat you wanted to talk to me.alfredo: why don't we sit down?daniela: you're so strange.what's walking on, dad?alfredo: plenty of years ago,when your mommy was still alive,i had a relationshipwith a woman.daniela: the doesn't surprise me.alfredo: let me finish.i've just found outthat from the relationship,a baby girl to be born.daniela: so, that way that--i have actually a half-sister?alfredo: yes.daniela: carry out i know her?alfredo: yes, yes, recognize her.her mom is rebeca murillo.daniela: no,, no, no. No nora.i can't be nora's half-sister!i can't put up v her!she's a witch!and i need to tell you--!alfredo: noradied yesterday.she eliminated herself.if i'm informing you every this,it's because although we'venever had actually a relation v her,although she has never meantanything because that us,she had actually our blood and--i'd like to say goodbye to her.daniela: no--no, no, i don't know if ns can.alfredo: daniela,i have the very least i have to do it.and--i'd like you come come through me.i'll shot to uncover outwhere the funeral is.magdalena: hail mary,full of grace,the lord is through thee.blessed art thou amongst womenand blessed is the fruitof her womb, jesus.all: divine mary, mother of god,pray for us sinners,now and at the hourof ours death. Amen.magdalena: hail mary,full that grace,the lord is v thee.blessed arts thou among womenand blessed is the fruitof thy womb, jesus.rebeca: i want to see her.lucía: rebeca: goodbye, honey.we'll be together again one day.and everythingwill be different.i swear.magdalena: we're about to goto the cemetery.rebeca: ns won't go.i wouldn't be afflicted with it.lucía: magdalena: lucía,wait.lucía: rodrigo: sorry.i talked to sergio.he said methere won't be a vigiland the the interment is later.brígida: oh, you're right.with this thingabout her father,i forgot that around norita.poor girl.finishing favor that...rodrigo: i'll go to the burial.i don't knowwhat you desire to do.brígida: to be honest,i choose not come go.i don't know just how to come closeto rebecaafter what happenedthe last time we met.besides,i don't desire to view anybody.i don't desire them come startasking me thingsabout her father,i wouldn't recognize what to answer.right now,that gossip have to be spreadeverywhere.rodrigo: together you prefer.i simply wanted come let you know.brígida: i think it's greatthat you go, girlfriend know?after all, that girlwas about to have actually your baby.rodrigo: yes.brígida: i'll go see your fatherbefore they take it himwho knows where?rodrigo: space you sureyou want to go?brígida: uh-huh.i'm tho his wife.although he doesn't worthy it,it's my duty come be with him,to support him with everything.okay?rodrigo: all right.i'll leaving now.brígida: god bless you, honey.rodrigo: take care.father samuel: there's a timefor everything,there's a moment for everythingand a season because that every activityunder the heavens:a time to be bornand a time come die,a time come uprootand a time to plant,a time to healand a time to build,a time to weepand a time come laugh,a time come mournand a time to dance,a time to scatter stonesand a time to conference them,a time come embraceand a time to revolve away,a time to searchand a time come lose,a time come keepand time to throw away,a time to tearand a time come mend,a time to be silentand a time come speak,a time to loveand a time come hate,a time for warand a time because that peace.there's a time because that everything,there's a minute for everythingand a season because that every activityunder the heavens:a time to be bornand a time come die,a time come uprootand a time to plant.rebeca: rodrigo: i never thoughti would watch you here.daniela: well, you see now.alfredo: why don't friend goto a café and talk there?daniela: have you obtained time?rodrigo: yes, sure.mario: dad samuel,as usual,thank you for everything.father samuel: you don't haveanything to thank me for.alfredo: pardon you knowwhy nora's mother hasn't come?father samuel: apparently,because she couldn't carry out it.alfredo: say thanks to you.lucía: magdalena: who space youlooking for?lucía: marcelo,but it's obviousthat he's not here.mario: honey,can we go?magdalena: let's go.brígida: i swear come youthat ns don't understandwhen you began gettinginto so much trouble.amador: don't reproach meanymore.what's excellent is done.i'll need you and also rodrigoto acquire me a an excellent lawyerto gain me the end of here.brígida: but--not even the best onein the civilization would conserve you.what you did is an extremely serious.god be blessed.rodrigo could stop youbefore friend committedthat atrocity.amador: yes.i'd have never made the havethat image of me.brígida: oh, amador.what's coming is terrible.amador: yes.that's why i'll require youto obtain me the ideal doesn't matterif we need to sell the house.we offer it. Finish of story.brígida: yes, sure.whatever girlfriend say.amador: why hasn't rodrigo come?brígida: i guesshe'll come later.he had to go to norita's burial.amador: who?brígida: nora gaxiola.i don't recognize exactlyhow the happened,but she killed herself.i didn't want to goto the burialbecause i don't dareto offer my condolencesto rebeca.amador: i deserve to imagine.brígida: oh,what taken place to the girlis a real tragedy.magdalena: if girlfriend want,i deserve to stay with youfor a while.lucía: it's no necessary,auntie. haven't slept at should rest.mario: lucía's right.let's go homeand if girlfriend want,we deserve to come earlier later.magdalena: okay,but if friend or rebecaneed something,please allow me know, okay?lucía: yes, auntie.don't worry.i thinkwe won't require anything.besides,tere's right here with us.magdalena: i'll come backlater anyway.mario: you must rest.lucía: give thanks to you for everything,mario.magdalena: ns don't knowwhat will happen with rebecanow the nora's gone.she wasthe most crucial thingin she life,the most precious thing and--and i don't know eitherwhat will happen with lucíanow that she doesn't havemarcelo's support.mario: it's too quickly to knowhow things will job-related out.we'll need to wait, honey.magdalena: they saytime's the best healer, but--i don't know,i don't understand if it will workthis time.mario: let's go.magdalena: let's go.

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lucía: auntie?i'm house you require anything?
what are you doing v that?you told meyou had thrown the away.rebeca: nora was right.your father has alwaysloved you more than shone as well overshadowed her.she can never beat your height.she couldn't be afflicted with it.lucía: that's not true, auntie.i've never been betterthan nora.i've never been betterthan my sister.rebeca: she wasn't her sister.didn't you understand that?lucía: she was to meand i'll constantly remember herlike that.rebeca: i don't want to keepremembering what couldn't bebecause that you.why do you have to be hereif she's not?why perform i need to go onlooking at you?lucía: rebeca: if i can't check out her.goodbye, lucía.lucía: no!