""~3rd Edition. Solution Manual, chapter 1 thing 1 General: The score of these problems are come reinforce the definiti

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""~3rd Edition. Systems Manual, thing 1 chapter 1 General: The score of these difficulties are come reinforce the definiti

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""~ third Edition. Equipment Manual, thing 1 thing 1 General: The score of these troubles are to reinforce the interpretations and carry out an understanding of the mole balances that the different types of reactors. The lays the foundation for step 1 of the algorithm in thing 4. Pl-l. This problem can encourage students to obtain in the habit of creating down what castle learned from each chapter. Pl-2. little open-ended inquiry from i m sorry one could pick one or two parts. Components (a), (b) or (e) space recommended. Pl-3. This trouble use instance 1-3 to calculate a CSTR volume. It is directly forward and gives the student an idea of things to come in terms of sizing reactors in chapter 4. An alternate to PI-II and PI-12. Pl-4. different to Pl-3, PI-II, and also PI-12. SeePl-3 above. problems PI-5, PI-6, and also PI-7 testimonial the definitions given in the chapter. . Pl-S. This difficulty can be assigned to just be read and also not necessarily to be worked. The will provide students a flavor of the peak selling chemicals and also top chemical companies. Pl-9. This trouble will be helpful when the table is completed and also the students have the right to refer back to the in later chapters. Answers come this difficulty can be found on Professor Susan Montgomery"s equipment module top top the CD-ROM. See Pl-17. Countless students prefer this straight forward difficulty becausethey see just how CRE principles can be applied to an everyday example. The is regularly assigned as an in classproblem and component (g) is typically omitted. troubles Pl-ll and also PI-12 present a little bit of points to come in terms of reactor sizing. Have the right to be rotated from year to year v PI-3 and also PI-4. SeePl-3 above. Pl-13. Asks because that details of procedure of an industrial reactor. Pl-14. Encouragesand requires the college student to go outside the message for information related come CRE. Might be a bit early in the message to entrust this problem. Pl-15. Encouragesand needs using other sources to acquire information. Pl-16. Urges using various other sources to obtain information. - . ~ Pl-17. Ns strongly introduce this trouble be assigned. It deserve to be provided in associate with trouble Pl-9. Professor Susan Montgomery has done a c i- ~ ~ p.1-1 ; . 3rd Edition. Equipment Manual, chapter 1 PI-IS. Pl-19. 3rd Editi an excellent job pulling with each other the material on genuine reactors in her tools module ~ above the CD-ROM. Alternat lr1 I constantly assign this problem so that the students will learn exactly how to usage POLYMA TH/MatLab before needing it because that chemical reaction engineering problems. pJ together together the WWW i do not care more developed, it may be more and also lime. AI prl more ns portant to assign this Problem. . Ns an overwhelming SJ CDPl-A similar to problems 3,4,11, and also 12. CDPl-B point out out distinction in price per unit fluid volume and rate per reactor volume. K M 0 Summar~ .. Assigned a P1-1 Alternates Difficul~ Iimg. AA 2(a),2(d),2(e) SF 15 c&d correctly Pl-3 AA 3,4,11,12,A. FSF 30 correct AA i I ns 3,4,11,12,A FSF 30 - Read just SF 5 3,4,11,12,A 3,4,11,12,A FSF FSF FSF 60 30 30 . 0 0 AA AA i SIC SIC SIC . Pl-1S PI-19 SF 45 yes Yes yes Yes correctly Yes yes Yes correct Yes No Partial Partial No SF 60 correct i CDPI-A CDPI-B AA i No 3,4,11,12,A FSF FSF Assi gneg 30 30 . ==Always assigned,AA =Always entrust one native the group of alternates, Often,I = Infrequently,S = Seldom,G = Graduatelevel 0 p.1-2 .Note th equipment Civen No Pl-2(b) Pl-4 Pl-5 PI-6 PI-7 . PI-8 PI-9 PI-10 P1-11 PI-12 PI-13 Pl-14 Pl-15 Pl-16 Pl-17 . ~ i < .; ~ ~ , ~ t ,. iJ ns ~ ~ . her devices 1m just how to usage on engineering ~rd Edition, solution Manual, chapter 1 Alternates In troubles that have a period in conjunction with AA method that one of the problem, one of two people the problem with a period or everyone of the alternates are constantly assigned. ~ lore and an ext approximate time in minute it would take a B/B+ student to resolve the problem. Qifficult~ SF = directly forward combine of values (plug and chug) FSF= relatively straight forward (requires some manipulation that equations or an rate per reactor intermediatecalculation). IC = intermediary calculation compelled M =More challenging OE =Somepartsopen-ended. Solution given No c&d correct Yes yes s s es yes Yes correctly Yes correctly Yes No Partial Partial No correct No 4: "Note the letter difficulties are uncovered on the CD-ROM. For example A = CDPI-A. review Table Ch-1 testimonial of Definitions and Assumptions 1,5,6,7,8,9 introduction to the CD-ROM 17,18,A do a calculation 10,11,12,13 Open-ended 14,15,16 right forward 2(b),3,13 fairly straight forward 4,11,12,B More complicated 10 f alternates, . p.1-3 ~~ ~:- , 18 thing 1 EJ.:.1 No solutionwill begiven. ~ (a) reaction mightnotbehotenoughto react. (b) Plot Costvs. Volumeon log-logpaper.Usethisgraphto create anequationfor costasa functionof volume. In (Cost) Ys. In (Volume) 13 . 12 . i"e 11 f~I: . U "-" - c 10 9 c io Y =0.2901x + 9.4932 8 0 2 4 6 8 10 In (Volume) from this us generatethe equation: cost PI-4 =13,270(V)°.29 We have the right to use this equationto fmd the desiredprices: for a 6000gallonreactor: t Cost=13,270(6000)°.29 =$165,400 . because that a 15,000gallonreactor: Cost=13,270(15,