Paramedic Training

Paramedics are component of a expert medical team responsible for initial patience assessment and also treatment in the pre-hospital setting. They room often required to do life-saving steps in stressful cases without the resources that space normally available in a hospital setting.

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The profession is lucrative but demanding and also requires dedicated training come execute. Functioning in the field as an expansion of one in hospital care provider, paramedics can carry out medications, obtain IVAs, convert cardiac dysrhythmias and also much more. In enhancement to patient care, affective interactions and vital thinking skills are a must. Compassion and empathy are additionally desired features of the EMS health treatment provider.

If you think you space the right person for the job, Munson regional EMS education and learning is right here to aid you realize your dreams to end up being a license is granted paramedic.

Why Train with Munson medical Center

Our paramedic training regime offers:

Exceptional instructors proficient in Emergency clinical Services (EMS) and related medical specialtiesExceptional clinical training through Munson medical Center, a Level II Trauma CenterTraining above curriculum needs of the national Highway Safety administration and the Michigan department of Health and Human ServicesIn partnership with Northwestern Michigan College, conference graduates who obtain their license can apply 43 credits towards an Associates of applied Science in Paramedic Science.Pass rate - nationwide Registry Paramedic Written and Practical:88 percent*Retention rate - Paramedic Program: 75 percent*Placement price - Paramedic regime Graduates:100 percent*

*Based on the 2020 graduating class.

Admission Requirements

All minimum course entry requirements need to be submitted/completed prior to the very first day the class.Requirements include:

Completed registration kind on the Munson clinical Center/EMS education website.A copy of your EMT-Basic patent or NREMT certificate.A minimum that one year of endure with a moving ALS unit strong recommended or,A minimum of two years of endure on a non-transporting BLS unit strong recommendedA letter of referral from your EMS agency director or cook that describes your experience as required.A copy of her valid Michigan driver's license.IChat or other background check certificate.Completed and passed EMS provider pre-test reserved at MREMSE.Application finish for NMC and also passed the COMPASS test.Two letters of recommendation as to your personal character (personal or expert references).Proof of skilled liability insurance because that the term of the course.Completed oral interview with clinical Director, regimen Director and Lead Paramedic Instructor.Vaccinations should be as much as date, including:Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids within the previous 10 yearsMeasles, mumps, rubella vaccine (two shoot series)Varicella vaccine or documentation verifying the you have had the chicken poxHepatitis B vaccination (must have started the series, or authorize a declination form)Negative TB test within the past yearCurrent flu shotUse that non-prescription medicine (not over the counter medication), illegal drugs, and alcohol room not allowed while enrolled in the course and also on Munson medical care premises.

Technical Standards

Technical requirements are required of every EMS students. MREMSE college student candidate must, through or without accommodations, possess or show the capability to:

Complete a pre-requisite program and obtain the licensure linked with her program.Communicate properly with team members in human or via phone call and/or radio equipment.Lift, carry, and balance as much as 100 pounds (200 pounds v assistance) top top level ground, uneven terrain, and also up stairs.Push/pull objects 50 pounds or more and transfer objects of more than 100 pounds.Effectively receive and interpret oral, written, and also diagnostic kind instructions.Use good judgment and remain patience in high-stress situations.Perform medicine calculations under high-stress situations, visualize, and state the type of medication offered and administer it making use of the proper and prescribed method.Knowledgeably operate complex basic and progressed life support equipment under high-stress situations.Be unaffected by loud noises and also flashing lights.Maintain fist to information for lengthy periods of time.To watch close up and far away in all conditions in order come drive, appropriately assess and also treat patients.To review at the text publications prescribed level that reading.Interview patients, your families, and/or bystanders to obtain critical information taking care of mechanism that injury (MOI) or nature of disease (NOI).Document, in writing or computer-based documentation system, every relevant information in prescribed layout in light of legal ramifications of such.Relay succinct information appropriately with coworkers, nurses, physicians, and other medical skilled in regard to the standing of your patient.Use hand-operated dexterity v the capability to carry out all jobs related come the greatest quality of patience care.Run, walk, kneel, bend, navigate stairs, retrieve, and carry all manner of equipment, stand for durations of time, compose reports and stay in uncomfortable location for prolonged periods that time.Withstand varied ecological conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, and also moisture.Work with various other providers to make proper patient care and treatment decisions.

Behave professionally and perform all aspects of job-related in an moral manner in relation to peers, faculty, staff, and also patients.

Adhere to the password of confidentiality.Conform with proper standards that dress, appearance, language, and public behavior.Show respect for people of different age, country background, religion, and/or sexual orientation.Follow direction indigenous instructors and also team leader to for sure the completion of assignments and also lab scenarios.

Training includes more than 1,500 hours over a 15-month period, consisting of classroom and also online instruction, clinical experience, and also a field internship.

Registration Information

A completed registration form, compelled documentation, and a $500 deposit should be received. Remaining balance early the very first day of class, unless other arrangements have actually been made with the MMC regional EMS education and learning Manager.

Register here, beginning May 1, 2021.

Classroom Location

EMS education ClassroomFoster Family ar Health Center550 Munson Ave.Traverse City, MI 49686

Current course Schedule

Classroom study: Monday 8am - 3:30pmClassroom lab: Wednesday or Thursday 8am - 3:30pmCapstone internship classroom because that NREMT preparation: Thursday 8am - 3:30 pm

Clinical maintain takes ar at Munson medical Center, area EMS agencies, and to-be-identified clinical sites throughout Michigan.

Paramedic program Pre-Course Testing

To be successful, a paramedic student have to possess solid reading comprehension and simple math skills, using principles to complicated situations, and learning facility technical details in a minimal time frame.

Pre-course experimentation is designed to ensure that the many qualified candidates space selected for paramedic training. All candidates must fulfill the minimum baseline for EMT knowledge, consisting of medical terminology and also skills, especially patient evaluate skills.

Oral Interview

An dental interview v the MMC local EMS education Manager, the food coordinator and also the medical director is compelled for entry right into the Paramedic maintain Program. Panelists will review the applicant’s qualifications, pre-course and general EMT an abilities test results, and also the applicant’s reasons for applying to the program.

Anatomy and Physiology (A&P)

A strong background in anatomy and physiology is crucial component that a paramedic education program. Student must have actually a solid knowledge that anatomy and also physiology in order come understand an ext advanced medical subjects covered in a paramedic food such together pathophysiology, pharmacology, and also cardiology.

The Paramedic nationwide Standard Curriculum strongly recommends college-level anatomy and physiology as a prerequisite for a paramedic program.A&P is had in the schedule because that the Munson medical Center regional EMS education and learning course to assist students in meeting this requirement. However, MREMSE urges students to to visit a college-level A&P course prior to taking this course.

Course Size

Course size is restricted to 24 students. If we receive much more than 24 applicants, pre-course testing and also entry criteria will be provided to pick the many qualified candidates. If much less than 10 qualified students room enrolled, MMC local EMS education and learning reserves the appropriate to release the course.

Course Fees and also Payments

Course fees include all classes, textbooks, and also labs supplies. The $500 registration deposit will be applied versus the full cost the the program.The remainder ($6,800) is early on or before the first day that class, unless various other arrangements have actually been made through the MMC local EMS education Manager.

$6,950 Tuition (online textbooks, ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS)$350 laboratory fees (supplies, and also uniform shirts)$7,300

Checks should be do payable toMunson clinical Center local EMS Educationand sent to Munson clinical Center local EMS Education, 1105 6th Street, Traverse City, MI 49684.

Please call us if you space a Munson Medical center or mobile Medical an answer employee for extr details on tuition.

If you have any type of questions or concerns, please call us at231-935-7832.

Refund Policy

All refund requests have to be ceded in writing within 48 hours of cancellation come the course instructor or MMC local EMS education at 1105 6th St., Traverse City, MI 49684.

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A 100 percent refund will certainly be approve if the routine is cancelled through the sponsor.A 100 percent refund less the $500 deposit will certainly be approve if the student has actually been accepted into the program and also notifies, in writing, the manager or command instructor before the start of the 2nd class.No refunds will be issued after the beginning of the 2nd class.Upon cancellation, textbooks may be returned if not composed in and also are in saleable condition; otherwise the price of the textbooks will not it is in refunded.

Please contactRobert Rudzki, an elderly Coordinator that EMS Education, at 231-935-7832 orrrudzki