Enjoy yourself (It"s later Than you Think)

Lyrics by Herb Magidson (1906-1986)Music by Carl SigmanClick here to hear male Lombardo and His royal Canadians" 1949 hit variation on YouTube.You work and work for years and also years, you"re always on the go.You never ever take a minute off, as well busy makin" dough.Someday friend say, you"ll have your fun, when you"re a millionaire.Imagine every the fun you"ll have in your old rockin" chair.Enjoy yourself, it"s later on than you think.Enjoy yourself, when you"re quiet in the pink.The years go by, as quickly as a wink.Enjoy yourself, reap yourself, it"s later on than friend think.You"re gonna take that ocean trip, no issue come what may.You"ve got your reservations made, but you simply can"t obtain away.Next year for sure, you"ll view the world, you"ll really obtain around,But how far can friend travel when you"re six feet underground?Your heart of hearts, her dream that dreams, your ravishing brunette,She"s left you and she"s now end up being somebody else"s pet.Lay down that gun, don"t try my friend to reach the great beyond.You"ll have more fun by getting to for a redhead or a blond.Enjoy yourself, it"s later on than girlfriend think.Enjoy yourself, when you"re still in the pink.The years go by, as conveniently as a wink.Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it"s later on than you think.You never ever go to night clubs and also you simply don"t care to dance.You don"t have actually time because that silly things favor moonlight and also romance.You only think the dollar bills tied nicely in a stack,But once you kiss a disagreement bill, that doesn"t kiss you back.Enjoy yourself, it"s later than friend think.Enjoy yourself, while you"re tho in the pink.The years walk by, as conveniently as a wink.Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it"s later than girlfriend think.----- extr verses uncovered in other versions -----Another birthday"s here and gone, you"ve turned another page,And unexpectedly you realize the you"ve reached middle age.Just think of every the funny you"ve missed; it provides you kind of sadIt"s much better to have had your wish 보다 to have wished you had.You issue when the weather"s cold, you worry when it"s hot,You worry when you"re act well, you problem when you"re not,It"s worry, worry, all the time, friend don"t know just how to laugh.They"ll think of miscellaneous funny once they write your epitaph.You love somebody an extremely much, you desire to set the date,But money doesn"t grow on tree so you decide to wait.You"re therefore afraid that you might bite off more than you have the right to chewDon"t be afraid; friend won"t have actually teeth once you reach 92!
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