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First that all, just how does it feel knowing Lucy Gray turns 10 this year?

Brian: It"s pretty wild. We were small kids once this document came out!

Ryan: It definitely doesn"t feel prefer 10 year ago. That"s a trip.

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How did friend feel as soon as the album came out?

B: really proud. Perhaps a little bit scared. It to be a huge moment in every one of our lives.

R: really accomplished as it to be not basic one to make. I remember being at Bamboozle and seeing our deals with plastered everywhere and also watching a airplane with an ad for our record fly over head. It was prefer "oh wow this is really real." It was cool to see the label gain behind it prefer that.

Where perform you think the album fits in the band"s legacy?

B: ns think it"s a great first impression. It showcased ours ambition, and also our naivité. It to be our first attempt at a cooperation effort and also I think those farming pains are evident. It adds a little of charm after every these years.

R:I don"t actually think i listened to the document after it come out various other than having actually to shooting music videos for it or whatever.I understand it means a lot come a most people, yet being so inside it and having it it is in a picture of that allude in life whereby I was simply figuring myself"s a different experience for me. But revisiting it to execute the reincarnation shows had actually me listening in a various mindset and also I was able to appreciate what we did a lot more.

How walk the band approach writing?

B: through the exemption of "Lapse", Ryan would lug a skeleton the a tune or a riff idea to the table and also we would certainly jam top top it until something sounded prefer it make sense. We were using a house upstate the a friend was kind sufficient to let us use during the process.

R: I"d usage the term "jam" loosely. Ns think that"s how we want the record to it is in written because we"d befriended bands prefer Circa survive who told united state their process and we were favor "oh wow the sounds cool." but it was an overwhelming for us. Dan was a really technical player, so prior to a track could end up being a song, he required to have the ability to map out everything he was going come do. That was tough since he"d take it a job or 2 alone to do that. And also then Jer was a much more feel oriented player, but he was forced to find his ar in every little thing Dan set down. Sal was regularly elaborating on everything guitar/key idea I carried to the table and also then concentrating on harmonies. And as in the case with every little thing we"ve ever before done, Brian"s components were his domain. I"d bring a starter come the table and he"d execute his point on it.

What motivated the lyrics?

B: since we to be still for this reason young in ~ the time, a lot of it was drawn from our limited experiences growing up in suburban lengthy Island.

R: i was fresh the end of Catholic school and definitely had a lot of questions. I additionally had a lot the I thought I"d had all figured out. Those space the parts of the record that do me cringe.

Do any kind of of the themes touch on the album still organize relevant because that you after 10 years?

B: To it is in honest, that document sounds like farming pains come me. Its a bit difficult to hear to in the sense that it was so particular to that time and also place in mine young adult life. It"s the exact same as looking at a snapshot you attracted in 5th grade and asking if friend still saw things the exact same way. That was really of it"s time.

R: not particularly. Probably there"s a couple of core emotional bits and also pieces in there the still host true to day, yet they definitely take type in a an extremely different method these days.

What were her hopes and expectations because that Lucy Gray throughout the writing and also recording process?

B: for me personally, I want to make music that characterized our place in the burgeoning lengthy Island music scene. I think us were well respected as musicians yet we had yet to prove we can write songs that showcased ours abilities, which was a little of a design template in the studio.

R: We simply wanted to perform our own thing and also make something the was 100% ours. Every our favorite bands at the moment were one"s that grew their very own sound and also path. We had no attention in proceeding a heritage that was already there or being component of any details scene or thing. I guess for every the growing pains we hear when listening come that, we might stand to pat ourself on the earlier for that part of it.

When you to be in the studio, how was the moral of the band?

B: It to be up and down. There to be a most trial and error. Again, cultivation pains.

R: It"s yes, really weird since I understand that record was a struggle to write. There was a lot of drama and battling in simply making the aforementioned process work. At the same time, all my memory of just how I feeling at that time space beautiful. It was a really one-of-a-kind time in our lives to be reduction up in a house making music for two months. Regardless of how stressful that got, i don"t think we ever lost perspective on that.

When to be the last time friend listened come the record? are there memories and emotions the come back?

B: it was when Ryan and also I were gearing up because that our "reincarnation" reflects in the summer that 2016. Over there were absolutely feelings that came back but i think i was looking in ~ them with a different lens.

R: absolutely a various lens. I think the greatest shock over the critical 7 year of us being inactive has actually been coming to realize what the record means to people. For this reason listening come it and rehearsing was simply me do the efforts to center myself in the feeling.

What carry out you psychic most around making the album?

B: The writing process. It to be a very special and also trying time in mine life.

R: ns remember the coffee that i made anyone drink, i m sorry was essentially tar or mud. No one was sleeping. Ns remember Brian composing the an initial verse of Lapse and bringing it to me and me saying "this is great, store going" and him coming ago 15 minutes later on with the second verse and also then again saying, "you have to do one more verse". Ns think ns may have been functioning on "if god smokes cheap cigars" in the kitchen. He just kept coming earlier in the room and also showing me an ext until the song was done. Ns remember that vividly.

Were there any bands in specific you delighted in playing v while touring for the record?

B: Middle class Rut, Saosin, The Receiving end Of Sirens.

R: every little thing Bri said.

What type of ar was her life in when the album came out?

B: i was starting a brand-new relationship. Every one of my friends and also family to be 100% behind us and also it was really exciting. That was one of my fondest memories.

R: ns was ruled by my emotions. All my decisions were made follow to that, i beg your pardon is an extremely dangerous. It renders for some really productive time but additionally tumultuous ones for everyone approximately you. I think everyone have the right to attest come that.

Did you ever before expect the album to have actually the influence it did?

B: ns can"t speak lot to it"s influence, yet I"m glad people still destruction the songs after so much time.

R: ns didn"t. Play those songs this past year and also watching the reaction to be something I"ll never forget.

Do you remember what you to be listening to at the time?

B: I remained in the midst of discovering electronic music so probably a many Telefon Tel Aviv"s "Farenheit fair Enough".

R: I was in a weird place. I don"t think I had actually really uncovered what was my core document collection yet. Ns was sort of in in between waves. I had one that those very first generation ipods and also it had actually the Cardigans, at the drive in, The Blood Brothers, and also a most our peers" music ~ above it.

Looking back on things 10 years later, would certainly you adjust anything around the release?

B: everything is 20/20 in hindsight yet I"d need to say no. The record defined such a particular moment gradually for me and also I think for much better or because that worse, us did the the only method we knew how.

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R: Agreed. Without suffering the hurdles of the record, we"d have never obtained to Lowcountry.