José Manuel Figueroa Figueroa (April 8, 1951 – July 13, 2015), much better together Joan Sebastian (pronounced: ), to be a mexican singer-songwriter. That wrote much more than 1,000 songs consisting of compositions because that Vicente Fernández, Lucero, Pepe Aguilar, and also Rocío Dúrcal. His music is a mixture that Latin pop, ranchera and also grupera music. Sabastian to be awarded 7 Latin Grammy Awards and also five Grammy Awards, making that the many awarded mexican performer in Grammy history.

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Sebastian also worked sporadically together an actor. In 1996, the made his exhilaration debut in the mexico soap opera Tú y Yo (You and also I), sharing credits through Maribel Guardia, his previous wife and mother come his son, Julian. In 2015, Sebastian passed away at the age of 64 the bone cancer. At the moment of his death, Sebastian had two number-one albums top top the Billboard peak Latin Albums chart and seven top ten song on the hot Latin song chart in the united States.

Early life

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Gracias (Spanish pronunciation: <ˈɡɾasjas>) is a small Honduran that was established in 1536, and also is the capital of Lempira Department.

It has actually a populace of about 50,000 world (12,000 in the urban center). It is discovered in the mountainous centre of western Honduras.


The native gracias way "thanks" in Spanish. That is claimed that upon showing up at the site of the city that Gracias, the Spanish explorers, worn after having trekked v the like the mountain terrain, said "Gracias a Dios hemos llegado a tierra plana," definition "Thank God we have arrived at level land."

The city to be made the local capital that the Audiencia de los boundaries in 1544. However, this decision produced resentment in the populated locations of Guatemala and El Salvador. In 1549, the capital was moved to Antigua, Guatemala, and also Honduras remained a district within the Captaincy general of Guatemala until 1821.

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Elevation ranges from around 800 meters at the square come 2,870 meter at the top of Montaña Celaque (also recognized as Cerro ras Minas). Climate is considerably influenced through elevation, with the low-lying portions having actually a wet-dry (monsoonal) pattern. Montaña Celaque is the highest possible mountain and largest cloud forest in Honduras, and is protected through Celaque hill National Park.