The “World of Dance” Duels started on July 25, and the an initial episode in the round finished with among the season’s biggest shockers.

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Eva Igo, the young phenom who returned to the present after finishing together a near runner-up in season one, to be knocked the end by a pair of first-time competitors, Avery and also Marcus. A week later on our readers space still torn about the result. In fact, when we polled our reader they were split practically right under the middle.

Just a little over half of our respondents (51%) thought Igo to be the rightful winner, yet judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough all scored Avery and also Marcus contempt higher. The said, the various other 49% backed the judges’ decision to send the standout newcomers to the next round. Avery and also Marcus’s pan sounded off in ours comments in addition to the die-hard Igo supporters. Review what few of them had actually to speak below, and scroll down for the complete poll results.

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Craig Washington: “For the 2nd year in a row Eva was robbed by the judges. It is shameful that this show has no real integrity. This impressive young dancer walk not need this show. She is currently a star.”

Jojo: “She should have actually won, that’s all I obtained to say. I don’t watch the show this year since Eva should have actually won critical year.”

B E Levine: “Unfortunately Eva admittedly decided her toughest competitors, and also therefore we have to accept that the challenging newcomers did offer a rigorous new routine, which wowed the judges. I recognize Eva is incomparable; in ~ the exact same time i felt she has practically left herself i do not have anything to prosper in the perfection the her choices of choreography.”

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Alley: “I actually agreed with the judges. Once they request Eva come mix the up, they to be referring to an additional emotion. Several of her procedures were moved by emotion however made the landings much less than perfect. The other pair finished each move with precision.”

Elizabeth Ulanova: “I actually totally AGREE v the judges’ decisions.

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Eva’s good, yet she can’t come back with the same routines and also technique. Every props come Avery and Marcus!”