Bosqueville’s Hunter Henexson division the handle of Riesel’s Kyson Dieterich during first-half action Friday night.

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Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Ol’ Charlie might have conveniently been writing about the first four weeks of high institution football in main Texas.

“It to be the finest of times, it to be the worst the times,” Charles Dickens famously wrote to begin A story of 2 Cities. He to be describing late-18th century London and Paris. Yet could that not have actually just as quickly been paint a photo of West and Hewitt as we see them in mid-September that 2021?

I mean, mine gosh, it’s to be a rough start for ours area’s three biggest schools. Midway, Waco High and University space a linked 0-12. There is tho plenty of season left for every one of them to make progress and also go right into the offseason with some positive momentum. That’s the glass-half-full. But I don’t think any type of of them will be playoff teams.

On the upper and lower reversal side, fans most likely can’t wait because that it to be Friday night again in places like West, China Spring, Lorena, Mart, Chilton, Crawford and also even downtown Waco where Live Oak is dominating.


Another superstar the the composed word, Sammy Hagar, placed it favor this: “Right now. Capture a magic moment. Carry out it best here and now.”

West (4-0, ranked No. 10 in 3A division I) is living because that the now. The Trojans pulled the end a 35-28 win in what was most likely the video game of the night in Rogers ~ above Friday.

Lorena has recorded fire. After 2 close losses versus state-ranked Franklin and also China Spring, the 3A Leopards have roughed increase 4A foes the last two games.

Crawford (4-0) is No. 4 in 2A DI, pretty much right wherein we expected them come be. Chilton (4-0) is obtaining momentum.

And Mart, well, let’s not take Mart because that granted. The 2A DII top-ranked Panthers room 3-0 this season versus teams in 3A DI (they’re 4-0 all at once including a win over 2A Flatonia). It is going three departments up and also pushing world around. Present me another team in the state it is doing that and I’ll buy you a chicken fried steak dinner. Or a Dickens novel. Or a valve Halen CD.

McGregor 36, Clifton 20: In McGregor, Bulldogs QB Chad Lorenz ran roughshod end the Cubs, picking up an ext than 20 yards every carry and also leading McGregor come a win in its final nondistrict game.

Lorenz finished through an eye-popping 311 rushing yards top top 15 totes and found the finish zone 3 times. In doing so, the outdueled his Clifton counterpart, Riley Finney, that rushed because that 132 yards and tossed a 17-yard touchdown happen to keep the Cubs in the game.

McGregor linebacker Nicky Nieves and defensive lineman Oliver Jenkins disrupted the Clifton offense as they merged for 28 tackles, 3 TFLs and a compelled fumble.

The Bulldogs (2-2) open district in ~ Rockdale following week, if the Cubs (0-4) begin district play in ~ Riesel.

Chilton 47, Axtell 0: In Axtell, Chilton’s defense posted its second consecutive shutout together the Pirates proceed to look like one of main Texas’ climbing powers.

Linebacker Miguel Barron led the method for Chilton together he racked increase 11 tackles and forced a fumble. Defensive back Ja’Brian Davis pitched in with a pair the interceptions and also linebacker Jamoryon Benjamin included eight tackles and also a pair of sacks.

Pirates attack handyman McKeller chef got that done v 227 pass yards and a pair of scoring tosses, while additionally catching a TD pass and also rushing for 68 yards. Benjamin added 104 rushing yards and also three touchdowns ~ above offense.

Moody 52, Meridian 6: In Moody, Cooper Staton stepped into the QB duty and led the Bearcats come their 2nd win the the season.

Staton rushed for 214 yards and also two TDs and also tossed a pair of touchdown passes to Tucker Staton to speed the Moody offense. Tucker Staton finished with three captures for 65 yards and the two scores.

Linebacker Hunter Mach and also cornerback Ricky Aguilar led a strong defensive effort. Mach posted 9.5 tackles, including three because that losses.

Groesbeck 47, Palmer 7: In Groesbeck, the Goats bounced ago from a loss versus Academy critical week by blasting Palmer

Groesbeck QB Allen Lewis threw because that 300 yards and also touchdowns come Tyson Pringle, Brenden Morrow and Anthony Lewis. Pringle led the Goats receivers with four records for 174 yards and also two TDs.

The Goats (3-1) began fast, scoring 21 clues in the an initial quarter. They led 40-7 in ~ the break and also cruised native there.

Teague 27, Buffalo 18: In Teague, the Lions came alive, scoring their first points of the season and beating the competitor Bison.

Teague RB Kymani Johnson carried the fill with 33 attempts for 118 rushing yards and a touchdown in the victory. Lions QB Jehmel Rice threw a TD pass and ran because that 73 yards top top 10 totes.

Lions Emaja Holmes and Taylor Cotton required two fumbles each as the Teague defense aggressively sought Buffalo.

Valley Mills 42, ha 14: In sink Mills, the Eagles clicked on both sides of the ball and also handed hubbard its very first loss the the season.

Valley Mills QB Elandis Taylor perfect 10 that 17 passes for 243 yards, going come Cooper Ewing 6 times because that 144 yards and three touchdowns.

Eagles LB David Haynes III dominated up front together he post 17 tackles, consisting of seven because that losses, and also forced a fumble. Security Carson Johnson and LB Eli McNair to be in ~ above the swarm as they pitched in 17 an ext tackles and also McNair had four TFLs.

Valley Mills (2-2) opens up district play top top Friday v a vital District 7-2A DI challenge at home versus Tolar. Hubbard (3-1) master rival Dawson.

Itasca 24, Bartlett 6: In Bartlett, the Wampus Cats obtained in the win pillar for the first time in 364 days.

Itasca’s success over the Bartlett Bulldogs snapped a nine-game shedding streak, which had three COVID-19-related forfeits in ~ the finish of critical season. The Wampus Cats’ last success was a 39-6 loss of Ranger top top Sept. 18, 2020.


La Vega running ago Bryson Roland hurdles end Argyle’s defense in the second half.

pole Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega’s Darion White brings down Argyle running back Landon Ferris behind the heat of scrimmage in the very first half.

stick Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega quarterback Robert Prescott escapes the pocket because that a big gain versus Argyle in the very first half.

rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega’s Mekhi Rice sprints down the sideline for a 98-yard touchdown top top a kickoff return to put the Pirates up 7-3 end Argyle in the very first half.

rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega’s Jesse Majors-Sterling breaks up a potential touchdown happen intended for Argyle’s Hayden Stewart in the an initial half.

stick Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega’s David McKnight sacks Argyle quarterback Jacob Robinson in the an initial half.

pole Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

La Vega’s David McKnight celebrates his bag of Argyle quarterback Jacob Robinson in the first half.

pole Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

Riesel’s Austin Searcy tries to rest the tackle of Bosqueville’s Hunter Henexson.

Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Bosqueville’s Hunter Henexson breaks the handle of Riesel’s Kyson Dieterich throughout first-half action Friday night. Bosqueville pulled away from a 12-12 halftime tie come win.

Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Bosqueville’s Justin Moore division the handle of Riesel’s Mason Heath throughout first-half activity Friday night.

Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Riesel’s Cade Amber tries to outrun Bosqueville’s Newt Schornack in the very first quarter of their game Friday night..

Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Riesel’s Santana Cisneros intercepts a pass intended because that a Bosqueville player setting up among two Riesel first-half touchdowns Friday night.

Jerry Larson, Tribune-Herald

Midway quarterback Reid Tedford runs previous Waxahachie defender Corey King in the an initial half.

Ernesto Garcia, Tribune-Herald

Midway’s BJ Pitts defends against Waxahachie’s Joseph Lankford top top a play in the an initial half.

Ernesto Garcia, Tribune-Herald

Midway’s BJ Pitts heads upfield prior to getting pulled under by Jeremy Jackson in the very first half.

Ernesto Garcia, Tribune-Herald

Midway"s Dhamir McDonnaugh slips past Waxahachie"s Markuz Williams in the very first half.

Ernesto Garcia, Tribune-Herald

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Chad Conine

Longtime Waco sportswriter and Texas technology graduate Chad Conine is the author of "The Republic the Football: Legends the the Texas High college Game" and also "Texas Sports: Unforgettable stories for Every day of the Year," amongst other titles.


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Bosqueville’s Hunter Henexson breaks the handle of Riesel’s Kyson Dieterich during first-half activity Friday night.