Everything yet The house (EBTH) is a revolutionary online estate sale agency headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. EBTH was born the end of a passion for antiques, a desire to readjust the means that they’re discovered, and also a meeting to giving sellers through a better alternative for offering their property. EBTH has actually experienced quick growth since 2008 and also continues come expand. Having recently close up door a substantial collection A ring of funding, we room opening workplaces nationally. 

We proud ourselves on our world-class service, a hard-earned and well-respected reputation, and a track record of success in profitably offering everything yet the house. We’re proud the what we’ve achieved and we’re eager to share our story with buyers and also sellers throughout the world!

We room seeking a Cataloger to encourage estate sale items by presenting information in an appealing, informative, concise and also historically precise manner because that the EBTH website.

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As a young company, we relocate fast and also take dangers – and also while this will certainly be a really demanding position, you’ll be surrounded by a passionate team of people that are specialized to the typical goal the drastically an altering the method that personal property is sold, bought, and moved throughout the nation and throughout the human being – and also we have actually a many fun if we’re doing it! 

Job Description


- Performing study using the internet, recommendation materials, professional contacts and other resources.

- composing item explanation in an appealing, informative, concise and also historically exact manner.

- Working directly with the homeowner or homeowner’s representative to ensure complete satisfaction with the EBTH service.

- Minimizing client dissatisfaction and also returns by giving accurate item descriptions.

- interacting with internal and also external customers because that the best feasible item presentation.

- working in conjunction through photographers to maximize throughput and also timeliness.

- Assisting heritage Organizer with the staging and also lotting that a home.

- Assisting, once necessary, v the fulfillment (lotting) and also pick-up procedure for sale items.



- High institution diploma or basic education degree (GED).

- five years or much more related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

- College degree in the arts preferable.

- expertise of antiques, artwork, collectibles and also unique items with the ability to evaluate value.

- acquainted with the internet and Microsoft Office software.

- capability to effectively connect via email, phone, and in human being with customers.

- capability to move / lift approximately 50lbs.

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- reputable transportation. 

- ability to effectively interact via email, phone, and in-person v customers.