"Everything readjusted When the Fire nation Attacked" is a memorable quote native the man TV collection Avatar: The critical Airbender. In the context of image macros and also web comics, the expression is provided to signal a sudden and also dramatic come back in almost any given situation, comparable to the intake of "I took an arrow in the Knee".

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The quote originates from the title sequence the the television collection Avatar: The last Airbender, which Nickelodeon very first aired ~ above February 21st, 2005. In the sequence, the key protagonist Katara narrates the line while recalling the Fire nation invasion.

Katara: "But the all readjusted when the fire country attacked."

On may 21st, 2012, a post was released on the Cheezburger website Memebase<1> titled "The last Dovahkin", i m sorry featured a two pane comic through a guard from the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim adhered to by a screenshot that the invading Fire country with the subtitle "I provided to it is in an adventurer favor you / but everything changed… …when the Fire nation attacked."



On may 26th, 2012, a Quickmeme<2> page for "When The Fire nation Attacked" to be created, which permitted users to caption the Fire nation screenshot with customized text. The same day, FunnyJunk<6> user whomadewho submitted a article titled "Fire country screwed united state all", special a comic with the personality Freddy Krueger from the fear movie collection Nightmare top top Elm Street add by the subtitle "I use to have actually normal skin… / Then, everything changed when the Fire country attacked." in ~ one month, the write-up received end 69,000 views, 2,000 up votes and 110 comments.


On June 15th, the beddyburc Wordpress<5> blog released a post titled "Everything sounds better when you add "but everything readjusted when the fire nation attacked" in ~ the end of a sentence", which provided several currently from functions of literary works with the quote added on.

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"The BibleIn the beginning God produced the heaven and also the earth, however everything adjusted when the fire country attacked."

The image has ongoing to spread on Tumblr<4> under the tags "#fire nation." as of June 28th, 2012, a Facebook web page for "But then everything readjusted when the Fire country attacked" has accumulated over 2,750 likes.<3>