Group: Chapter 2 - Horseshoe Overlook

Category: Story Mission

In bespeak to begin this mission you have actually to complete the Polite Society, Valentine format mission, and then speak to Hosea Matthews. You"ll discover him in her camp in ~ Horseshoe Overlook.

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After spotting a substantial bear increase by the Dakota River, Hosea and Arthur drive out and also track it.

Gold Medal Checklist

Track the bear within 1 minute 30 secondsShoot the be affected by each other at the very least 6 timesComplete within 12 minutes

Note: If you desire to finish this mission within 12 minutes then you must skip the cinematics.

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Prior missions

To start Exit gone after by a Bruised Ego you must an initial complete Polite Society, Valentine Style.

Objectives of exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego

1. Focus on your steed / remove the saddle / Stand alongside your brand-new horse / Equip the saddle

The first part that this mission will teach you how to transfer a saddle indigenous your equine to another, and thus exactly how to do it your brand-new horse.

2. Mount your equine / monitor Hosea

Get on your new horse and also follow Hosea to the steady in Valentine.

3. Take it the horse into the steady / offer or secure the horse / buy a brand-new horse

Go within the stable. Within you will certainly be greeted through a steed trader.

You will have the ability to decide even if it is you want to offer your equine or secure it. Stabling your horse enables you to keep it at the stables so you can accessibility it later. If you market the equine you will be payment the market price.

Buy a new horse.

4. Mount your equine / follow Hosea

Get on your horse and also continue her journey to the hunting site with Hosea.

At part point, Hosea will certainly ask you to hunt under a rabbit.

5. Hunt a hare / pick up the hare / go to Hosea

Go come the ar where the rabbits room located and shoot one. You have the right to use any kind of weapon you like but, as Hosea suggests, the finest one is a bow.

Pick up the carcass of a shooting rabbit and go ago to Hosea.

It"ll turn late and you"ll it is in asked to collection up a camp.

6. Choose Camp from the crafting slot and collection up a camping site

7. Cook the hare / Eat the hare / Cook one more rabbit / Stow the cooked rabbit

View the make menu, choose the plain game recipe, cook and eat the rabbit. Then you can departure the crafting food selection or cook one more rabbit and then eat or stow it. If you desire to knife a yellow medal, then you should leave the crafting food selection after cooking and eating the an initial rabbit.

8. Pick the time come sleep until / Sleep

After friend cooked and also ate the rabbit, you"re gonna have to go come sleep.

You will certainly wake increase in the morning and also after drinking your morning coffee Hosea will certainly ask you for aid in preparing the bait for the bear.

9. Handmade Potent Predator Bait / Tear down your camp

View the make menu, select the potent predator bait recipe, craft one Potent Predator Bait, and also then tear down your camp.

10. Mount your horse / monitor Hosea

Get on your horse and follow Hosea until you with the lake whereby you have the right to start tracking the bear. Hosea will certainly tell you to look roughly for clues.

11. Activate the Eagle Eye to discover the trail / follow the trace / inspection the clues

Activate Eagle Eye, look for the trail, and follow it to find the clues significant by an orange "sparkles". The ideas are be afflicted with Pawprints, Half-Eaten Fish, and Bear Dung.

After the third clue the trail will certainly go cold, and Hosea will certainly ask if friend should split up or usage the bait.

12. Search the hill for the bear"s trace / Get back to Hosea

If you made decision to break-up up, you"d have to search the hill. Activate Eagle Eye and also follow the trail until you find one more half-eaten fish.

When you examine it, you will certainly hear Hosea"s calling for help. Go back to him as shortly as friend can and also you will face the bear.

13. Plant the bait near the large stones / go to the rocks / Wait because that the bear / monitor Hosea / check the bait

If you made decision to use the bait climate you have to technique the ar where you should lay the bait, open the satchel, pick the potent predator bait and place it.

Then go back behind some rocks and wait.

After a couple of seconds, Hosea will go to examine on the bait, go with him and investigate the bait.

Soon after ~ that, a be afflicted with will present up.

14. Shooting the bear

If you have actually your revolver ready, climate it must be simple to do at the very least 6 bullets struggle the bear and also thus meet one of the requirements to knife a yellow medal.

This time you"re no going to death the be afflicted with that"s gonna run away after ~ a while.

15. Walk to Hosea

Find Hosea, who is hiding behind a huge rock. That will offer you a map with marked locations that legendary animals - you"ll uncover it in her satchel.

The last decision girlfriend will need to make is whether to go ago to the camp with Hosea or continue to be where girlfriend are. The mission will certainly be completed.

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After completing Exit sought by a Bruised Ego girlfriend will obtain or will be able to get The Spines the America (1 the 2).