Do you favor playing Ark on your computer? have you simply bought one Ark, yet can’t open up it? You can get a “Failed to open up Descriptor File” error that won’t let you operation the game. This is just one of the most usual errors the players encounter. Moreover, this error can take place in any kind of game and is not details to a particular game.

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It deserve to be very unpleasant. That is very annoying once you are ready to play her favorite game, but you can’t perform it because of this error. For this reason we determined to summary the approaches that might be useful to get rid of the error `Failed to open up Descriptor File` in Ark.

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How to fix the ‘Failed to open Descriptor File’?

What is the factor for failing to open the descriptor file?


ARK: Survival developed may provide an error once opening a descriptor document because the game documents are corrupted. At the very same time, the absence of the record `shootergame.uproject` in the game magazine may reason the chat to fail. The influenced user has an error when starting the game. Some users encounter one obstacle immediately after installing the game.

How to fix the ‘Failed to open Descriptor File’?


Check the integrity of the game files

Game papers can be corrupted for a selection of reasons, such as a sudden system shutdown. The error described here can happen if the ARK: Survival developed game files are corrupted. In this context, utilizing the built-in game paper integrity checker deserve to solve the problem. Throughout the process, the files will be confirm on the server and if there are corrupted/missing files, they will be revived from the server.

Start the Steam client and open up its library.Now right-click top top the game icon and select “Properties”.Then walk to the Local papers tab.Then click the inspect Integrity that Game files button.Now wait until the checking process is complete, then operation the game and also check if the problem is solved.

Move the game to the device disc

This error may additionally occur if the video game is not set up on the system drive. In this case, moving the installation folder come the mechanism disk might solve the problem.

Start the Steam client and open its library.Now right-click ~ above the game and select Properties.Then walk to the Local records tab.Now click the move installation folder and select a ar on the mechanism drive.Then start the game and hopefully, Ark will certainly no longer display this error.

Copy the shootergame.uproject document into the game folder

The “shootergame.uproject” file is crucial for the video game to work and also may cause the error questioned if the record is missing from the game folder. In this case, the trouble can be resolved by moving the document “shootergame.uproject” indigenous the download folder come the game folder.

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Exit the game/password client and make sure there space no game/uproject related processes running in task Manager.Now open file Explorer and also go to the adhering to path:C: Program files (x86)Steamsteamappsdownloadingæ110ShooterGame.Then copy and paste the shootergame.uproject paper to the following path:C: Program documents (x86)SteamsteamappscommonARKShooterGame.Then open the Stam customer and operation the game to watch if the difficulty is solved.

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