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never ending plasma pistol

» sat Mar 19, 2016 6:21 pm

I regulated to get a autumn of a never finishing plasma pistol type a legendary. I"ve turned right into a overcharged sniper yet I"m finding this is a little bit for a garbage of the never finishing perk and as a sniper the end of vats the shoot is simply to slow for effective sniping. So just won seeing if any1 would have tips because that a much better alternative thanks
kasiaPosts: 3427Joined: sun Jun 18, 2006 10:46 pm

» sat Mar 19, 2016 11:49 afternoon

I find the never ending legendary impact to be pretty underwhelming in general. Reloading isn"t that bothersome, even an ext so v a quick eject mag modification. Hell, some weapons simply reload rapid naturally like the attack rifle. Only fun to gain out of the is through a double-barreled shotgun.

I lot prefer legendary impacts that actually rise damage, body damage, add bleed or explosive damage, stagger, activity point reduction...there is simply so much an ext you can get out of other legendary effects. I"d save the weapon because that now, yet dump it once you find any other plasma weapon with an additional legendary effect.

But as for your current predicament, you could try the plasma thrower mod and also just burn adversaries endlessly. The plasma thrower is an extremely powerful, though will certainly chew through your ammo.

Dorian CozensPosts: 3398Joined: Sat may 26, 2007 9:47 am

I choose up a never ending plasma thrower somewhere, i m sorry you can mod yours right into with the flamer barrel. I hadn"t really bothered through plasma up till that point, however I see now that that is nice satisfying because that such a lightweight heavy weapon.

Legendary drops are random. So, you basically just need the level because that it come able to drop. No idea what level plasma tools exactly begins to drop tho. Wiki says level 16 because that vendors and level 24 for legendaries, but I think the the actual levels are rather higher. Gunners are your ideal bet concerning plasma weapons.

we require perks to take care of that not attributes in tools like rapid reload reloads prefer goldeneye however quick and also endless ammo no reload together a perk. Mabey goldeneye weapons too......DLC? ummmmmm........


Well, if you room level 116 you have to have uncovered several legend plasma tools by now, uneven you reached that level only building stuff


Neverending is nice because that the double barrel shotgun and pistols like the .44 where you have a tiny # the shots before a reload, or the 10mm turned into a bullet-hose, however it"s just ~meh~ for around everything rather you have the right to put bigger magazines on.

The "Neverending" power weapons, I have actually realized, have actually one particular utility the is fairly precious.(I have a Neverending Laser.)That is: in a pitched, hectic, crazy firefight!Either Plasma or Laser - an initial thing you carry out is do it automatic.My Neverending Laser is every buffed up, automatic, and also with fire damage.Requires 1000+ fusion cells (minimum) be carried, heheh...Then: simply hose men with it! A neverending hose. Choose a Gatling Laser, however weighs light.If you"re besieged by 5 or six Gunner Sergeants, Lieutenants and also Commanders - all in heavy Combat armor - it"s a godsend.Just hose them. Neverending...Not a VATS weapon! That"s not the purpose of a Neverending at all, in ~ all.I suppose any Neverending bullet-rifle can be basically the same.But they already have large capacity rapid load magazines and also the distinction would not be so striking.Hey I"m nice happy the mine is a laser!It"s in a sweet spot. Plasma would be even much more devastating - yet then, the ammo is even much more costly.

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