Bit of an odd concern I"ve got. As soon as I begin a new game it"ll fill infinitely yet the odd thing is that about 10-20 seconds in it provides a sound like I"ve just picked increase a chem in the game world and then wont prevent loading after that. I"ve tried uninstalling mods regarded items and also messed approximately with LOOT come make certain there ~ no a load order issue.

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Here"s what I"m functioning with.



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I just set up FO4, no mods, brand-new game = unlimited loadscreen, getting the funny feeling that bethesda will never again view a penny of mine money


Sounds like the "language bug". Make sure you game is collection to English, then go to your Fallout video game folder, then into the video clip folder. Make sure the following papers do not look anything but this:








Look because that anything before/after the names that don"t right (make back-up of any file before an altering the name).


Example, if "Intro.bk2" has any kind of thing added to it, English version will no play and also "hangs" in perma-loading as soon as the actual intro need to play.


I am having actually this problem, because that some factor there is an intro_ru in my video file. Ns deleted it, yet it doesn"t help. What have the right to I carry out to fix it? Sorry because that reviving dead thread. My brand-new game used to work, don"t know why it isn"t now. 

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