Gaining access to the Silos

Even with all eight atom launch code fragments, you’ll still be denied accessibility to the elevator under to the silo. Only high ranking armed forces generals have actually the clearance for such a feat – yet there is one faction in Appalachia with the connections to gain you the rank.

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You’ll need to sign up with the shadowy organization known as The Enclave to carry out this – beginning with a pilgrimage to a an enig bunker in The Mire housed in the abandoned Waste Dump, and guarded by two level 20 Deathclaws. Fix the puzzles within and also you’ll get access to the Enclave’s HQ – however further tests will certainly be required to prove her worth.


After friend officially join the faction, you’ll be told the the Enclave has minimal access come the armed forces commendation system. As soon as you enlist in the military (which you have the right to do by acquisition a basic training course at Camp McClintock), you’ll have the ability to increase your standing by performing tasks for the Enclave till you become a basic – and gain access to Silos Alpha, Bravo, and also Charlie. You can additionally grab a atom Launch Keycard from the restricted military wing in the Enclave.

Alpha, Bravo and also Charlie Silo’s

The following step is to acquire into one of the 3 missile silos

Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie. Every one’s accessed via an unguarded elevator you’ll have the ability to activate just by gift a general, however once you gain underground the real work begins. You’ll have to fight through multiple areas full the robots and also laser turrets, completing objectives to open up laser grids in every space. Share up ~ above food, water, and also Radaway as well as ammo and blend cores, because you’ll be down here for a while. It’s precious bringing a couple of hand-to-hand weapons too for as soon as you operation out that bullets. The number of robots is increased the an ext friends you bring, for this reason rocking up with a posse won’t do it any easier.

One point that will help is having actually the hacking skill at level 3. Each area has actually a terminal the controls the regional turrets, and transforming off your targeting parameters so they assault the respawning assaultrons and protectrons you’ll be up versus is a huge help.

Among the missions you’ll have down here is to fix a bunch the pipes v a two-minute time limit and they won’t be marked on the HUD. Listen for the hissing sound castle make and follow the jet of heavy steam to discover them. After the you’ll need to smash up part mainframe cores, which space the things with the red lamp pictured below.


Frustratingly the following objective you’ll have is to change 15 the those mainframe cores to open up the last door. Some replacements deserve to be discovered lying ~ above shelves yet you can also craft replacements through damaged cores, circuitry, and steel in ~ a surrounding tinker bench. It is in warned there’s a pest that deserve to make castle vanish out of her inventory in between there and plugging them into the terminal that opens the doors, however. The seems an ext likely to trigger if you’re transporting over 3 at a time.

Next you’ll need to initiate launch prep which method protecting the robots operation the machinery from an ext robots trying to destroy them. If girlfriend weren’t sick of laser turrets prior to now, you sure will be. Use your atom keycard in the receptacle (it’ll be used-up in act so as it’s a one-time item), form in the decrypted beginning code, and it’ll every be over.

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Finally, friend can select who come drop a bomb on and also scavenge part sweet irradiated loot. Through this suggest you’ll have been playing for long sufficient to have made adversaries with someone precious nuking come hell and also back. Like that one man who keeps jumping in circles approximately the crafting terminal in his underpants if you’re trying to turn junk into scrap.