I"ve gained 16 dwellers together of now, sadly 4 died in a tragic accident.....I really have to get more dwellers due to the fact that all mine water employees died.

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I have tried to do babies but most of my dwellers have an extremely bad charisma. To add to that ns am brief on employees as i did have actually a bigger population but it dropped very quickly, so i am shedding happiness.


Sometimes it"s a battle to catch back up, but the only thing you deserve to do to directly get dwellers an ext quickly is gain your dwellers to make babies. Various other than that, just shot to obtain your shelter earlier to operating and possible, as well as having room for more dwellers to come by.

You can also have a particular room that you have the right to assign a dweller come that will let a dweller use a radio to call out for an ext dwellers. You need to have 20 dwellers before you can acquire the room.



There space several methods to gain an ext Dwellers

You have the right to put 2 Dwellers with each other in her Living Quarters. Conceiving can take some time (note: the best Outfits also aid here), as well as carrying the child and also having it flourish out to be an adult. There are but no pre-conditions for this approach, the outcome is pretty lot guaranteed.

And lastly, you have the right to send Dwellers right into the Wasteland. Occasionally, your Dwellers will certainly stumble top top a Red Rocket Truckstop, a supervisor Duper industry etc. As soon as in a while, there"s refugees in over there that want to join your Vault. Also, this explorers might find Outfits that boost Charisma, to help with the two points above.


Keep on reproduction them and here"s a an excellent way to get an ext supplies to upgrade living quarters and also to gain suits.

wait until LATE late night.Sent a dweller with armor and lots that radaway and stimpacksWait because that 6:30 pm the following day.

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Large opportunity for dwellers and also rare stuff. I got 1000000000 Caps


It might seem choose it takes forever to gain dwellers but some points you have the right to do to acquire dwellers are to do babies, open up lunch boxes sometimes they will provide you a one-of-a-kind dweller in there, likewise you can construct a radio place.

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