Family Guy: The quest for stuff strategy guide: help Peter and also all your favorite characters rebuild Quahog much faster and better than ever!

In family members Guy: The pursuit for Stuff, you"re tasked v rebuilding Quahog after Peter and also his chicken nemesis, Ernie, have damaged it. In bespeak to execute so you"ll have actually to assist Peter clear the city of debris and find all the various other characters, consisting of Stewie. If coins room somewhat easy to come by, clams room not — unless of food you desire to shell out some serious cash. That doesn"t mean you have to though. If you"ve obtained a little of patience and also plan strategically, you and Peter can have Quahog thriving again in no time. Here are our optimal tips and also tricks to help you follow me the means while security the the very least amount of real civilization cash!


You have the choice to link your Facebook and Google+ accounts in The pursuit for Stuff. If you have either I"d indicate linking them as it permits you to visit all your friend"s versions of Quahog and also collect money. Occasionally you may even wander across totally free clams in her friend"s towns. Make a habit of checking in through friends when a day.

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Coins space pretty easy to come by and rack up quickly. Clams on the other hand are much more rare and are just rewarded because that larger work or leveling increase significantly. Every once in a while friend may have actually an urge to sirloin the process of building Quahog. If you have to buy anything with actual money, it"s far better spend top top clams. Additionally look because that deals on details purchases. Periodically Quest because that Stuff offers buy one gain one sales on certain packages and those are usually the best deals.

3. Don"t usage your clams to rush tasks


We"ve already discussed how difficult it is come come through clams for this reason it"s crucial not to blow them top top the small things. Save them up because that buildings and other work that will gain a higher reward. Don"t spend clams to sirloin tasks. That leads me come my next tip..

4. Conserve longer jobs for prior to you close the game


If you have a task you require to complete that take away a longer period of time, save it for prior to you nearby the game. This method you aren"t having actually to tie up an entire character if you"re playing the game. Tie castle up instead once friend close out. It"s a better use of her time, and also the characters.

5. Make sure each personality is law something before you near the game


This ties in with the ahead tip. As soon as you begin unlocking more and more characters, it"s essential to make sure they"re constantly working on something before you nearby the game out. This is a great way to make sure when you open up the video game you"ve racked increase a kind amount that coins and XP. Letting lock sit idle while you aren"t playing just makes rebuilding Quahog and also even more complicated task.

6. Hire an ext builders as you require them

At the start of the game you space only given one builder. That means if the is functioning on a project, you can"t build anything else till that"s done. The pursuit for stuff actually lets you rental up to four builders. Each one you include will expense you much more clams yet it"s worth it together you start making an ext money and building XP much faster as Quahog expands. Don"t spend the clams right away however once you an alert you have actually the coin to construct multiple things simultaneously.

7. Short term jobs are a quick and easy way to boost your coin bank

While you"re actually playing the game, invest some time racking up some coins quickly. The easiest means to carry out this is through making characters perform work that don"t take a lengthy time. Work that call for a companion — such as Peter and also Quagmire napping with each other — are an excellent choices since you"re earning XP and coins on 2 characters, not simply one.

8. Build based on what earns girlfriend XP and also coins

Tapping the info switch in the inventory selector allows you see exactly how much XP and also how countless coins you"ll earn from a certain building or object. This is important due to the fact that you don"t want to construct things that don"t earn you currency and XP quickly. At the very least at the start, focus on buildings and items the earn you the most cash and XP. Then as soon as you"ve got a cushion, construct some funny items.

9. Save buildings and items friend don"t have room for appropriate now

In construct mode you deserve to store buildings and also objects that you don"t have actually room because that at the existing time. This is convenient once you come throughout an circumstances where you want to construct something new or better for cash flow than what you currently have however run the end of room. Simply store one items in stimulate to build another. Then when you clean out much more real estate, go ahead and also place the back. The best part? that doesn"t expense you anything.

10. FaceSpace is a quick and easy way to check your personalities levels

FaceSpace is pretty lot in-game facebook for her characters. Not just is the entertaining come glance at from time come time, it"s also a supervisor easy method to examine how lot XP every character has collected and who you should work on leveling up. Frequently tasks get an ext time spend and much more expensive as a character level up therefore finding ones that room lower deserve to sometimes be a great time waster if other characters are busy.

11. Exactly how to unlock Stewie

A many of world have been asking exactly how you go about unlocking Stewie. The answer is that he"s had in the 8th district and also you"ll unlock him when you construct Bob"s Funland. It"ll price you some severe clams despite so if you really want Stewie, better start conserving now!

Your household Guy: The quest for stuff tips and also tricks?

If you"re currently playing your way through family members Guy: The pursuit for Stuff, what room your top tips and also tricks come level up faster and earn much more clams? perform you spend real cash or execute you patiently bide your time and also just make much better decisions when picking how to increase Quahog? permit me understand in the comments!

Note: initially published, April 2014. Updated, September 2014.

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