Planning on jumping into Shadowlands and looking because that a WoW leveling guide? The level squish the arrived with human being of Warcraft: Shadowlands has diminished the preferably level native 120 to 60. And together with that huge change, WoW"s latest expansion has fully overhauled the leveling procedure for characters between level 1-50. The great news is that it now takes much less time to reach present Shadowlands content than it would have actually done without the level squish.

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It"s not just the fact that there room fewer levels to grind overall—the new leveling experience offers you a choice of the contents you desire to play through to gain to level 50. This new system was an initial introduced through the WoW 9.0.1 pre-patch, yet if you"ve just recently returned to the MMO to start your adventure right into the Shadowlands, this WoW leveling guide shows you the most efficient means to get to level 50.

WoW leveling guide: acquire from level 1-50 fast


New personalities start at level one for the basic array of races, or level 10 for allied races. Producing a brand-new allied-race character needs you to with max level on an additional character and also complete a pursuit line specific to that race.

At level one, brand-new WoW football player are sent out by default come Exile"s Reach, the terrific new-player starting experience top top a self-contained island. Football player who have other leveled-up personalities have a choice between Exile"s reach or the timeless leveling area for their new character"s race. Hint: The correct selection is constantly Exile"s Reach. The island is a well-paced and also engaging adventure that packs ten levels right into an hour or two of your time.


At level 10, both competent players and new ones are given the beginning quests for the latest fight for Azeroth expansion. If you choose to follow them, they"ll command you come the islands of Kul Tiras and also Zandalar, whereby you"ll see the many recent chapter of WoW"s history. These more contemporary questlines are appropriate for new players, together transitioning native them come Shadowlands zones for level 50-60 will certainly be relatively seamless.

For veteran players who have actually seen BfA, your options are even much more interesting. Every players can swap to everything expansion they favor to level in utilizing Chromie, the time-travelling gnome-dragon. Chromie is located in Stormwind near the Stormwind Embassy for Alliance players, if Horde football player will uncover him in Orgrimmar near the Orgrimmar Embassy.

Talking with Chromie offers you a choice of all the vault Warcraft expansions. Each will certainly take girlfriend from 10-50, or girlfriend can select to jump about between them.

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Choosing one expansion

Which growth should you choose? To some degree, that relies on your priorities. You begin in these area as a tiny level 10 through the slow ground-mount speak skill. You pick up the epos riding skill at 20 and flying at 30 (with no unique attunements required for any type of expansion"s zones). This method you"re walking to it is in moving gradually for a while.

If you"re determined to level quickly, Warlords that Draenor or Legion offer good quest density, an interpretation you don"t have to run far and therefore tend to level faster. Legion"s additionally a terrific expansion in regards to story and also zone design. But battle for Azeroth isn"t destructive for quest density either (particularly the Drustvar zone because that Alliance and also Nazmir because that Horde) while giving the most-modern mix of search mechanics and story integration.

If you just want to gain lost in the story and also meander because that 40 levels, take into consideration Wrath that the Lich King, i beg your pardon packs few of the finest lore in the game into a single expansion, however can be slow-moving to level in. Or shot the underrated mists of Pandaria, which has actually a sedate leveling style and easygoing quest progression reminiscent of the Pandaren race it introduced.

The burning Crusade and also Cataclysm both involve lots of running, disjointed story lines and also antiquated mechanics, so uneven you"re nostalgic because that those zones" endure from your first time around, it"s best to stop them now.

Based on an individual experience, it takes around twice the quantity of time to level through The burn Crusade compared to Warlords. Many expansions (except BC) will take friend somewhere between 12 and 16 hours to complete if you"re no speed-running; the more quickly speedrunners right now take about 3.5-4 hours to acquire to level 50.

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Dungeons or quests?

It"s quiet viable to level specifically through dungeons fairly than questing. You"ll obtain 2-3 levels every dungeon friend run depending upon quests. There space two two key caveats, however. First, if her character doesn"t have a tank or healing specialization, you"ll desire to find someone who does to team with as the queue for damage players deserve to be lengthy.

Second, you"ll want to be mindful of the development you pick to level in, since unless queues space ridiculously lengthy (prompting the video game to sell you other dungeons as options), you"re minimal to your leveling development for the dungeons you select from. This is important, since some dungeons offer quests inside because that much better experience, and also some carry out not.

If you"re no party-syncing with various other players (see below), you"ll desire to jump approximately the expand that sell dungeon searches to maximize your experience. Protect against Warlords that Draenor, Legion and also Battle for Azeroth, as they offer couple of or no quests in leveling dungeons.

Heirlooms and also leveling speed items

Heirlooms were recently overhauled, no longer offering bonus endure while leveling. Instead, castle offer other combat and quality that life bonuses. Because they level v you, it"s a convenient means to avoid having to study or replace gear.

Some leveling items still work-related in the development where they were originally collected, yet they are commonly only great for secondary (alt) characters. Draught of Ten Lands, because that instance, functions in fight for Azeroth, however requires girlfriend to have a maximum-level main character to buy them.

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Leveling through friends

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One that the finest ways to maximize her leveling rate is to team up with various other people, making use of the game"s Party Sync function to synchronize quests and run dungeons. As lengthy as you combine a new player periodically and also sync with them, you"ll all have the ability to repeat dungeons and re-do those pursuits for complete experience. To use Party Sync, open up your pursuit log and click the Party Sync button in the lower right corner.

Party Sync have the right to be buggy, for this reason be certain to un-sync before inviting a brand-new character come the group, while likewise checking everyone is out of instances, vehicles, flight paths and other scenarios the make them busy prior to re-syncing. Nonetheless, if you"re ready to placed up through the quirks, Party Sync is a quick method to gain the project done. It"s also tons the fun due to the fact that you"re levelling with friends, and also isn"t that ultimately what one MMO like people of Warcraft is all about?