The Catacombs of Kourfinish is among the a lot of compelling dungeons situated within the kingdom of Great Kourend. If you like the ability Slayer, which is a much-adored, favourite-ability of many players, you’ll no doubt have to visit the catacombs. Be warned: many kind of of the enemies below come in higher-levelled forms in contrast to the adversaries you’ll discover throughout the basic game.

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This overview will certainly define exactly how you can enter the dungeon/its location, the miscellaneous areas, and the monsters you deserve to encounter. After reading this guide, you have the right to proudly declare yourself as an experienced of the Catacombs of Kourend!

How to acquire there

Getting to the Catacombs isn’t anypoint prefer gaining to a lot of other areas in the game. There are actually assorted gateways that you deserve to make use of to access the dungeon. To be precise, there are 5 gateways. Four of these are alternate gates, via one major entrance, that should be used for the first time you enter.

The primary entrance that should be accessed first is in the dead centre of Kourend, alongside the King Rada statue in the square.

To acquire to the King Rada statue, as always, you’ll have multiple options. If you’ve never been to Kourend, go to Port Sarim, stop to Veos: he’ll take you to Port Piscarilius. From tright here, it’s a short run to the centre of Great Kourend.

For those that favor faster alternatives to the King Rada statue, the by-much fastest is utilizing the Xeric’s Heart teleport from a Xeric’s talisguy. You have the right to obtain yourself a Xeric’s talisman as a 1/250 drop from lizardguys, shamans, and also brutes. A more fun means is going to a Player-Owned-House party-people, wbelow a host will certainly have a teleport to Kourend available through a Portal Nexus. You deserve to additionally use the Kourend Castle teleport spell, but that needs level 69 Magic and having actually currently check out transport incantations.

If it’s so easy to get to the main entrance, why bother via utilizing the alternative entrances? The factor is that you need to traverse the dungeon from the major entrance, as you’re placed in the centre. By using strategic teleport choices such as Xeric’s talismale, you can gain to where you need a lot quicker. For example, if you use the entrance close to the much-adored sand crabs’ location of Kourend, you’ll end up in the south-side of the dungeon.

To unlock these alternative entrances, you have to climb the vines upwards from the dungeon. These vines are highlighted by a blue-arrow icon on your minimap. Here’s a list of the different gates, for your convenience (to be referred to alongside the over picture):

· North-east, Greater demons.

· North-west, Brutal black dragons.

· West, Deviant spectres.

· South, King sand also crabs (situated north-east of the Woodcutting guild)

Layout of the Catacombs

The layout of this dungeon is actually fairly intelligent. Many type of of the monsters are collated together based on the kind right into specific geographical sections. The demons are situated within the north-east, ranging from Ghosts, transitioning right into Black demons, Abyssal demons, and also Greater nechryaels. The ghosts may just be level 19, however the Babsence demons are level 184 - a huge jump up from what you’ll uncover in other dungeons!

In the north-west, you’ll enrespond to your fair share of dragons. The whole area is spanned with practically every dragon you can imagine in the game: from steel dragons to brutal red dragons. Don’t suppose rune dragons from Dragon Slayer II though! Anvarious other thing to note about this area is not only are dragons present, there are hellhounds and also fire giants too. As shown in the map, these are the adversaries you encounter before the dragons.

In the south-eastern segment, you’ll find the dungeon refremelted with a ton of H2O. You’ll enrespond to many type of undead creatures, some you’d expect in the water, such as Dagannoths and Warped Jellies. You’ll additionally watch adversaries choose Dust devils and also Mutated Bloodvelds, alongside Cyclops.

The south-west area is known as the Reeking Cove. Despite its strange name, it is an eerie section. Be careful of the magic axes and also pickaxes, they seem to be normal items, but they will certainly animate and take you by surpclimb. As the old adage goes: don’t ever get also comfortable in a dungeon! In this area, you’ll satisfy many friends: such as level 95 Ankous, level 140 Shades, level 169 Deviant spectres, and the more frequently known Twisted Banshees (level 89, easily accessible to kill at level 15 Slayer).

You need to also remember that in the centre of the catacombs, there’s a boss available for you to access. This boss is named Skotizo, and he was included in 2016. To have a go at fighting this boss, you actually must sacrifice a dark totem (which cannot be bought). You have to grind out a dark totem by collecting its 3 pieces and also combining them: the base, top, and the middle. You’ll obtain these drops by fighting monsters in the catacombs normally, via differing drop prices, however remarkable slayer monsters will drop a piece guaranteed. Whether you’re effective or not in a fight, you’ll consume a dark totem piece. Skotizo is an excellent boss to kill, as each kill is appraised at roughly 250,000 osrs gold.

General Strategy

Providing you have 34 Agility, you will be able to accessibility any kind of agility shortcut shown on your map. You cannot usage a cannon at any kind of location of the dungeon: so don’t waste inventory area carrying it!

The dungeon is almost all considered a multi-combat area. This implies that as soon as you decide to fight a monster, any kind of nearby monster will certainly likewise tarobtain you. In single-combat areas, if you’re occupied via one enemy, the others cannot touch you till the current adversary dies. Therefore, the intake of protection prayers come to be significantly within the catacombs.

You deserve to teleport to each corner of the dungeon making use of primitive shards, which drop from kills within the catacombs. This teleportation is easily accessible at the centre, at the dark altar. However before, using alternate entry-points is commonly much better than utilizing up ancient shards.

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Previously, we touched on why security prayers were helpful for this dungeon. Anvarious other exciting reality is that burying bones within the dungeon, actually reclaim prayer points, alongside offering prayer experience. Bones will reclaim 1 prayer point, huge bones restoring 2 prayer bones, and also any dragon bone restores 4 prayer points. Dragon bones carry out have some sector value, yet generally not even more than any drops you deserve to get. By burying bones and prayer flicking, you no much longer should worry around prayer potions. At a details allude, you’ll be compelled to leave the catacombs regardless: once you’ve got even more drops than you can bring.

Hopetotally, this overview has actually been valuable. Whether you want to tackle Skotizo or simply wanted to familiaclimb yourself through the Catacombs of Kourend for future Slayer, have fun!