Just curious if there is. Want to gain all mine alts to 110 asap. Besides doing quests and also occasional dungeons, any "fast" means to get to 110 from 100?
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Heirlooms are, the course, the main means to speed things up regardless what you end up doing. However doing the intrusions on every alt as soon as they"re up is by much the most time efficient. You deserve to only execute the human being quests (not the scenario) yet it bring away 10-15min to carry out all 6 for around 1.5 levels every invasion. Of course you"d need to wait a couple of days, but it"s really time efficient and also you don"t have to dedicate all her time come alt leveling.

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If you have flying (even if not): just do the invasions with them. They will certainly be 110 in around 2 weeks, depending upon the invasions and your time. This method you just need to play each alt for as much as 20 minutes every invasion. If you desire to it is in 110 in a few days realtime, simply do the main quest in each an ar + the dungeon pursuit you recieve.
Rested EXP and Invasions. You have the right to level more than one in ~ a time, just stick them right into Dalaran to soak up rested EXP and also quickly do intrusions when they pop up. A friend and I levelled many of our toons this way; one intrusion usually equals about one level. Shot to execute Val"Sharah for gear/exp; it"s really very closely packed, neat and the just area that awards one ilvl 800 items without having actually to run a dungeon in ~ the end.Only downside to leveling via intrusions is the absence of ideal gear. You can get lucky and also get Dauntless Tokens though, therefore that"s a add to again.
TO solve WOW:
1. Smaller server sizes & server-only LFG awarding satchels, so upstream players help others. 2. "helper builds" with loom powers - talent tree so elite players cast buffs on low level players XP gain, HP/mana, regen, damage, etc. 3. "helper ilvl" scoring just how much you help others. 4. Observer games like in SC to watch/chat (like twitch but with much more DETAILS & inside the wow UI) 5. Guild leagues to compete with rival guilds for progression (with observer mode).6. Jackpot world mobs.
Just curious if there is. Desire to acquire all mine alts come 110 asap. As well as doing quests and also occasional dungeons, any "fast" way to obtain to 110 from 100?
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Wow...did lock buff it? I understand my rogue go some invasions while levelling, however I don"t remember that crazy XP o_O
if her crazy, i hit 100 v 10 mins left ~ above a 300% exp potion, full BOA, and had 45 mins left top top the 20% exp.i got about 450k exp native one invasion point world quest at lvl 100.i didnt end up the second one prior to the 300% exp pot dropped.i understand u cant use them after lvl 99. However i no think if friend still had it ~ above you, the buff would certainly work.
If you space trying come AE tank and also a negative dps is attack the dorn target and dies, we contact that justice.
This is what ns do:InvasionsUnlock all artifactsComplete the first half the the bespeak Hall project 103-105Profession quests every 2 levels (100-102-104-106-108)Doing this I acquire every character to level 110 in 10-11 invasions and also it does no consume a the majority of timeAll of this without heirlooms, i guess that v them you can do the in 6-7 invasions
One invasion quest offers you ~ 60k XP and some that them have actually the bonus to give you additional XP bringing it come ~ 90-100k. Many invasions have 2 or 3 the them so at least every invasion offers you 75% the a level, sometimes more. But invasions can be really tedious if you"re doing them alone, there space some yes, really really annoying searches for low level chars (but quiet doable). Leveled 5 alts come 110 in the last weeks with invasions (and questing). Normally took me 2-3 days native 100-110.
Invasions. It takes like 12 the them i think. I did this top top the 8 alts i hadn"t leveled yet over 3 weeks
Invasions by FAR!!If you are lucky you will get an invasion where nearly all of them sell extra XP and also what through looms its seriously OP!Its been a absolute boon for us altaholics that cant it is in arsed to level through the zones.
Wow...did they buff it? I recognize my rogue did some invasions while levelling, but I don"t remember the crazy XP o_O
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- Heirlooms- rested- invasions- leeching
That"s mine route. Since heirlooms are a little lower (ilvl wise) than environment-friendly drops it might be tad annoying to execute all 6 pursuits by yourself. Those yellow elites eliminating searches are the ideal - too many of human being swarming help much. Progress quests that involve killing are worse. Mobs have lots the HP and also can provide quite a beat while her HP autumn quickly and also you cannot administer enough DPS. Well, certain classes perform far better than others but in basic pick her targets carefully. But there are development quests that room dumb easy: damaging crystals + last mob kil in Val"Sharah - doable while flying, protecting against corruption initiative (same zone) as soon as it takes simply 10 horsies come rescue. Comparable in Azsuna (saving blue drakes), castle respawn quicker than mobs so its easy to point out unguarded ones. Killing 6 demons + huge infernal in Azsuna is easy. Other zones have comparable easy quests. For the rest shot to AOE tag while others do the job. I know, leeching in ~ it"s ideal but as soon as I struggle to make it through 1 ~ above 1 on my lvl 102 I watch 110s acquisition 8+ in ~ a atime. For them it"s no effort and one an excellent AoE adds to her progress. I count level every invasion, acquisition under factor to consider I don"t always do every 6 searches due to an obstacle (no one approximately to help, other faction tagging, me being also weak/it bring away too lot time).Later 2 intrusions + scenario because that nethershards and you can completely 850 yourself and also you have the right to "repay" leeching acquisition multiple invasion mobs so various other low lvl alts can progress.