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David Spade appears in the recent edition that “That Scene v Dan Patrick”, the “Dan Patrick Show” host’s new podcast venture with IMDb and also Amazon Music.

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During the interview, Patrick asks Spade around one hilariously unforgettable step in “Tommy Boy”, as soon as Chris Farley tries come cheer increase Spade’s despondent personality by putting on his small jacket and then dancing roughly while singing “fat male in a small coat.”

“Who come up v ‘fat male in a small coat’?” Patrick asks.

“Chris Farley,” Spade replies, explaining it to be a running bit that Farley provided to perform in the office they common while lock were cast members ~ above “Saturday Night Live”.

“I had a Levi coat on mine chair in mine crummy a** office and also he was sitting behind me ’cause us shared and also he would execute nothing all day and also I would shot to write and also everyone would hand him sketches, so ns was quietly stewing about that,” claims Spade.

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“And then i hear Sandler and also Rock, you had to walk with our office to obtain to theirs, and they to be laughing your heads off. I’m prefer god, why is anyone so much funnier 보다 me? It to be driving me nuts and also so I’m composing on a legitimate pad, no computers, and also he’s behind me going, ‘David, you want to walk to lunch?’ and also I go, ‘No, we just ate.’ and then two secs later, ‘David, revolve around.’ i go ‘Get outta here’ and he go ‘I’m act something funny,"” Spade recalls.

“And i go, ‘If it’s ‘fat male in a little coat’ again, it’s no funny, it’s shed its lustre. There’s no zing left, it’s play out.’ that goes, ‘No, it’s a whole brand-new thing I’m doing.’ and also then I revolve around and also he’s got my cloak on. ‘Fat man in a tiny coat again, don’t girlfriend quit top top it,"” Spade adds. “And so that was just one that during the movie, he’s like, ‘What if I put on her coat?’ and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, that is funny."”

As Spade recalls, shoot “Tommy Boy” at the same time the 2 were also working ~ above “SNL” was particularly daunting — and also Farley’s propensity because that partying didn’t make it any type of easier.

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“We were choose a married couple,” says Spade. “We’d perform ‘Saturday Night Live’, right? That’s Saturday. We’d acquire on a airplane at 1 a.m. And also we would certainly fly come Toronto top top some tiny puddle jumper. Friend know, it to be a personal jet however it was like Lear 25, basically an MRI with wings and we’d just lay flat and also get there. Therefore we’d obtain there and also then we’d acquire up in ~ 6. We’d acquire there at 2 in the morning or something, then acquire up in ~ 6, shoot all Sunday, all Monday, Tuesday, come ago to brand-new York Wednesday for a read-through and then go ago Wednesday night, shoot Thursday, come earlier Friday, Saturday.”

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According to Spade, he and Farley had actually “one of our large fights” after ~ finishing an “SNL” taping.

“He wanted to walk to the plunder party ’cause us were having actually no fun,” that adds. “We just obtained done in ~ 1 a.m. With ‘SNL’. Let’s just go to the airport. He goes, ‘Driver, go to the party.’ and also I’m like, these space our flights. So we’d walk to the party and I’d sit there prefer the wettest blanket going, ‘Dude’ and also he’s like ‘Have fun.’ and I walk ‘No ’cause we gotta get up in 45 minutes and also we’re not even there yet."”