Lanes Reopen top top I-90 near Montrose Avenue ~ Police Investigate report ShootingAll lanes are back open on I-90 close to Montrose Avenue after police investigated a reported shooting.

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SUV, Semi-Truck involved In Violent Crash ~ above I-90 In SchaumburgA violent crash caused major traffic worries Thursday night in Schaumburg.

Crash shuts Down part Of mrs Addams Memorial Tollway In SchaumburgA significant traffic crash shut down the jane Addams Memorial Tollway in Schaumburg so late Sunday.

Snowy, Icy roadways Blamed For traffic Crashes approximately AreaSnowy and also icy roads were causing accidents around the area Monday evening, and also prompted police in some locations to shut under streets.

Snowy conditions Blamed for Accident involving Pace Bus ~ above I-90 In RosemontSnowy conditions were blamed for an accident entailing a pace Bus ~ above the mrs Addams Memorial Tollway in Rosemont late Monday afternoon.
Donkey found Wandering on I-90 near Arlington Heights RoadA donkey was found in the center of I-90 close to Arlington Heights roadway Wednesday, according to chef County Sheriff's officer.
Crash In Kane County death BoyAuthorities speak a 10-year-old boy was killed when the automobile he to be riding in ran turn off a north Illinois interstate and also flipped over right into a retention pond.
Carjacked SUV Was supposedly Driving Recklessly ~ above The Kennedy before Multi-Vehicle CrashA multiple-vehicle accident entailing a carjacked SUV is bring about delays top top the outbound Kennedy Expressway near the Sacramento entrance, follow to Illinois State Police. 
Cumberland Flyover To open Thursday“The Cumberland Flyover brings relief to one of the many congested points in the region.\"
Jeep Rolls over On I-90 Ramp, Plunges into Retention Pond In RosemontA driver was injured once a Jeep rolled over and also plunged into a retention pond Tuesday morning on a woman Addams Memorial Tollway ramp in northwest suburban Rosemont.
3-Year-Old Boy killed In I-90 Crash near HuntleyA 3-year-old boy was killed and also three other people were injured in a crash Thursday morning top top the woman Addams Memorial Tollway close to northwest suburban Huntley.
ISP: Driver Fired total On Kennedy In rush Hour With youngsters In earlier SeatState police speak a north suburban male fired a gun right into the air while he to be driving ~ above the Kennedy Expressway during the Thursday evening rush while two kids sat in the back seat.
Person discovered Dead Under I-90 Overpass In West LoopThe human being was discovered on the cement embankment under an overpass in the southbound lanes that I-90 in ~ Monroe Street.
Pace adding 6 brand-new Bus paths Along I-90 come NW SuburbsSix new Pace bus routes will begin running this month follow me Interstate 90 between O’Hare international Airport and northwest suburban Elgin.

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One of The World's Largest dwellings Is about To walk Up because that Sale In Bel AirOne of the world's largest residences is going on the market. A 100,000 sq. Ft. Megamansion in Bel Air will certainly be listed after the developer defaulted top top his loans. 
Rare Five-Foot lumber Rattlesnake Spotted On new England Trail: 'Thought that Escaped native Zoo'\"I take it a step and noticed appropriate under me -- probably a foot away -- to be the best snake I'd ever seen.\"
National Zoo huge Cats test 'Presumptive Positive' for COVID-19The zoo said the public is not at risk offered the distance in between the animals and visitors.