Square Enix’s last Fantasy XIV the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer digital Role-Playing Game) game was released because that Windows & PS 3 in respectable of 2013, v clients for macOS & PS 4 later on.

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Final Fantasy XIV

The FFXIV usually gets expansions to add new content, spot to deal with the bugs & balance styles of beat so the the video game is not conquered by one format to play.

But naturally, when brand-new updates space added, mistakes do take place, and the very same is true for final Fantasy XIV and an error blog post that typically pops increase too frequently for the Final Fantasy XIV is “FFVIX can not to complete Version Check”. This error article seems to pop out particularly after a patch.

On testing the video game on our workstations, we were able to uncover the following solution come the error “FFVIX unable to complete Version Check”.

1. Inspect the Servers

This error article mostly appears when your game might not connect with the video game servers. Prior to moving on, it is always a great idea to inspect the servers.

If so, wait for the time discussed on the forum to recheck for the video game servers to be back online.

If servers room not offline, then relocate to the following solution.

2. Restart the computer & Router

Restarting the device & router is a simple fix together you space playing online and also if over there is any type of problem in between the interactions then restarting the computer & Router is the best option and beginning point in troubleshooting any kind of tech issue. So,

Turn off the system.Then revolve off the router.Wait for 5 minutes and also then restart the system.Run the FFXIV.

If the error is not solved, relocate to the following solution.

3. Verify the video game Cache

This solution for the user that is play the FFXIV on the steam client. If there are some game papers damaged/corrupted or missing then the Steam client would show the error message. And steam has a way to resolve this problem. Verifying the game cache allows FFXIV to download any kind of missing/damaged/corrupt files.

Find Final Fantasy XIVin the vapor library.Right-click and select ‘Properties.
Properties that FFXIV in SteamNavigate to the ‘Local Files‘ tab.Select ‘Verify verity of video game Cache
Verify truth of game CacheRun the game.

If the problem is not resolved, move to the following solution.

4. Edit the boots Configuration File

Sometimes the boots Configuration record due to any type of reason cannot be configured properly, together a result, we periodically manually have actually to change the boot Configuration document to let the game run error-free.

Copy the complying with path:

%userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIV - A realm RebornOpen the record explorer and paste the copied path in it and press “Enter”.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Folder LocationNow through notepad or similar utility open up the “.cfg” file.
Open the FFXIV_BOOT.cfg paper with NotepadChange the value of BootVersionCheckModefrom 0 to 1.
Change the worth of BootVersionCheckMode from 0 to 1Also, examine if B4EulaAgreement is 0 then readjust it to 1.Press the Ctrl key and S ~ above your key-board at the exact same time to save your change. If it provides an error if saving, store trying to save.Once saved, near the file, then operation your FFXIV launcher to view if this fixes her version check error.

5. Use a various Network

The version inspect of your FFXIV launcher may not work-related properly on your network link if early out to any kind of reason your IP address is clogged or cannot communicate with the servers. You might need to test it on one more network or WIFI. However if over there is no network available easily climate you have the right to use her cellphone together a mobile hotspot.

Set increase Hotspot ~ above the phone.
Set up Hotspot top top the phoneConnect from the computer system to the hotspot of her cell phone.Launch the game.If whatever worked without a problem and also your launcher is updated, you have the right to switch earlier to your original network and play FFXIV.

If the trouble reappears, relocate to the following solution.

6. Use a VPN

If you can not use another network then shot to use a VPN. You can additionally use a VPN company to fix this error. It will aid in getting roughly the interruption of the launcher variation check.

Setup the VPN.
VPNOpen the VPN.When the VPN is connected, start the FFXIV.If things room working as normal, then switch back to the regular connection.

If it has not solved your problem, try the next solution.

7. Update firmware of interaction equipment

If the firmware of her router/communication is outdated the communication equipment may not occupational properly, so it is the finest idea to upgrade the firmware the your communication equipment. Remember the you need to consult v the aid manual as soon as updating the firmware or the manufacturer’s website.

Find the model and make of your interaction equipment.Check because that its updates. A the majority of routers have a built-in utility to check for updates.Check for Updates of RouterUpdate the router (if required).Launch the FFXIV.

If the difficulty reemerges, move to the following solution.

8. Disable Anti-virus/Firewall

Also, some Anti-virus and also firewalls have worries with details games and also resulting in a false positive. To understand if that is her problem.

Open her Anti-virus program and disable it.Disable AntivirusIf you space using a different firewall application, disable that also.Run the video game again and see if the problem appears again.

If the video game is operation without a trouble then include the steam folder come the exceptions list in your AV settings. If not relocate to the following step.

9. Close Unnecessary Applications/processes

If there room too plenty of background programs to run at the very same time deserve to slow under your computer and cause FFXIV to fail. So, girlfriend should end unnecessary program while you’re gaming. Monitor the instructions below:

Open “Run” Command by pushing “Windows + R” then kind “taskmgr” in the & push Enter.In the job manager Window, try to all the procedures that might be conflicting v the game or spend resources. Right-click on the process and select End Task.Repeat the procedure to any kind of other resource-intensive processes or conflicting processes. Repeat the process until no procedure may it is in resource-intensive or conflicting with the game.

Now launch FFXIV again and see if the worry is resolved.

10. Scan for malware

Sometimes the malware covert on your device can reason this details error specifically “savingsbull” Adware is known to produce the issue. Number of approaches have the right to be provided to clear the malware.

Open the Task Manager.Look for suspiciously processes, then google about those processes.If the process found is reported together malware, Right-Click on the process and also “open the record location”.Then “end the process”.Now go to the folder opened up in the previous step, and also delete the files in the folder.Install, run and also use Ccleaner to clean the system.Reboot the system.Relaunch the game.

If girlfriend aren’t certain which regimen is adware on her computer, you can download the app called “AdwCleaner”. First, friend will have to download the program from this link (here). When the regime is downloaded, run it together an administrator. Now click on “Scan Now”. Wait because that the whole process to discover apps that space malicious or perhaps adware then click on the “Quarantine” option.

If that is not working fine, move to the following solution.

11. Eliminate Routers

Sometimes that is the not correct router configuration the could reason this certain error. Come diagnose the issue, eliminate routers and also hubs for time being.

Detach the cable native the router and PC.Attach the web cable straight to the PC.Launch the FFXIV.

If the trouble is solved, climate it is her router/communication devices that is creating the problem. Then readjust the router/communication devices or manufacturing facility reset it.

If the difficulty is not solved, relocate to the following solution.

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12. Re-Install the Game

As a move of last resort, you can constantly delete and also re-download the FFXIV game. Back the game takes a while to download and patch together none that the fixes job-related then this can be the only way to get it up and running.