Unlocking the aesthetician in Final Fantasy XIVallows you to customize many facets of her avatar"s figure at her leisure. Keep reading to learn around the expansive options available, and where to uncover even more!

How come Unlock the Aesthetician in final Fantasy XIV

First, you need to reach level 15 and gain accessibility to Limsa Lominsa. If you began your journey in Ul"dah or Gridania, friend will take trip to Limsa during the pursuit The Ul"dahn Envoy or The Gridanian Envoy.

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friend shouldn"t need to wait too long either. Both of those quests occur at level 15 and will provide you the capacity to usage an airship or teleportation to travel to every of the significant cities. Be sure to attune to each city"s aetheryte if you are there!

Once you gain access toLimsa,S"dhodjbi can be uncovered at the drowned Wench in the upper Decks (x11, y11). Accept the pursuit Beauty is only Scalp Deep to get started. This quest will require you to take trip to different locations within the city and eventually enable you to make changes to her appearance by summoning Jandelaine.



You have the right to summon Jandelaine from any type of crystal bell, which have the right to be uncovered in inn rooms or personal/Free agency estates. If you have accessibility to exclusive chambers or a house, you deserve to purchase a decision bell indigenous the market board or craft one. Decision bells are regularly brought back from retainer endeavors as well.


No matter the changes you make, you will certainly be charged 2,000 gil for customizing your appearance. Your very first visit is free, and details events such together a consciousness of Eternal Bonding offer tickets for totally free customization options.


Hairstyles, hair color, makeup, face features, and tattoos are all consisted of as component of the aesthetician customization options. There are tons of colour to select from, and the food selection mimics these portions of the early stage character development screen. Make certain you take advantage of the various lighting/gear options!


The Hrothgar and Vierra models have different customization choices than the other races. Vierra can change their hair color, yet they space locked to specific styles. The Hrothgar can adjust fur color and also patterns, but every one of the hairstyles for this race space tied to face type. This means an altering your hairstyle requires a Fantasia item which will enable you to re-enter the character development menu.

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Aside from the default options, over there are many unlockable hairstyles accessible acrossEorzea. Copies ofModern Aestheticscan be got through various means and can be purchased off the market board for gilor in ~ the yellow Saucer forMGP. The Mog Station additionally has hairstyles and also face repaint options accessible for purchase.

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