Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is inviting personalities from Final Fantasy XIV to sign up with the fun.1. Y’shtola2. Minfilia3. ThancredYou can obtain them top top the Ifrit event from March 17, 0:00 PST come April 5, 23:59 PST.On this article, we will focus on Minfilia.

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FFBE Minfilia Guide:

source: RockU Mediacraft (c) Square Enix, A-lim, Gumi Inc.

FFBE Minfilia Stats:

Minfilia at 4• HP (1503)• MP (85)• ATK (72)• DEF (62)• INT (78)• psychic (78)2. Minfilia at 5• HP (2201)• MP (117)• ATK (92)• DEF (81)• INT (95)• psychic (107)3. Minfilia at 6• HP (2855)• MP (153)• ATK (112)• DEF (110)• INT (112)• psychic (140)

FFBE Minfilia border Burst:

4★ – “Leader the the Dawn” – 210% AoE 4 struggle Physical strike & AoE 3 rotate +20% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR -> 280% AoE 4 fight Physical strike & AoE 3 turn +34% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR. MP cost – 12• 5★ – “Leader that the Dawn” – 230% AoE 4 fight Physical attack & AoE 3 revolve +30% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR -> 325% AoE 4 hit Physical strike & AoE 3 turn +49% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR. MP price – 14• 6★- “Leader the the Dawn” – 250% AoE 4 struggle Physical strike & AoE 3 revolve +40% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR -> 370% AoE 4 fight Physical attack & AoE 3 revolve +64% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR. MP price – 16Minfilia has actually a very good LB here. While the attack component is fairly okay, what’s finest here is the buff the your entire team will obtain on ATK, DEF, MAG, and SPR. Together Minfilia is a primarily one more support unit, the limit Burst will certainly augment several of the other buffs she deserve to do:

FFBE Minfilia Abilities:

NameEffectMPLevelRarityPower come Exceed+10% ATK/DEF/HP/MAG/SPR/MP—16Flame GuardAoE 3Turn +70% Fire Resist22184Frozen GuardAoE 3Turn +70% ice cream Resist22184Static GuardAoE 3Turn +70% ThunderResist22184Aqua GuardAoE 3Turn +70% Water Resist22245Breeze GuardAoE 3Turn +70% Wind Resist22245Soil GuardAoE 3Turn +70% earth Resist22245Shining GuardAoE 3Turn +70% light Resist22366Shadow GuardAoE 3Turn +70% Dark Resist22366Logistical SupportST Cure all Ailments12444Assault OrderAoE 5Turn +40% ATK/MAG53604Guard OrderAoE 5Turn +40% DEF/SPR53604Call to MackST 3 revolve +100% ATK14805Call to DefendST 3 turn +100% DEF14805Call to MagicST 3 turn +100% MAG14805Call come SpiritST 3 rotate +100% SPR14805Leader’s Disposition3 turn AoE+100% confused Resist13926The native of the Mother+100% every Ailments Resist—1006
Who needs Cerius? you don’t should be stuck with Kuja come beat the Veritas that the Wind. Minfilia deserve to resist all elements. She’s a one-man stand up to unit and will be very useful throughout boss fights the deals specific magic damages. V Word the the Mother, every ailments are resisted. Her Call To abilities additionally ensures you have actually a 100% rises to whichever capacity you choose.

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FFBE Minfilia Equipments

Equippable Weapon:• Dagger• Sword• Staff• Whip2. Equippable Armor:• Hat• Clothes• Robe• Accessory

FFBE Minfilia Awakening Materials:

5• Aqua Pearl – x25• Wicked autumn – x8• Brilliant beam – x13• spiritual Crystal – x15• Star Mote – x56• Fairies’ Writ – x10• Rainbow Bloom – x20• Prismatic Horn – x5• Calamity Writ – x10• Star Mote – x5

FFBE Minfilia Evaluation:

Minfilia is a an excellent unit come use. She has access to Bar- buffs and a an excellent number of support abilities to include you an especially in specific quests where you really need resistances to some elements. The only problem I have the right to see is that she uses a an excellent ton that MP. This will certainly be an problem during lengthy battles.
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