This is a guide to an altering a unit"s outfits in Fire Emblem: Three residences (FE3H), as well as outfit alternatives that have the right to be changed such together in fight attire and also hair. Read much more to discover out how to adjust how your students look in and also out that the battlefield!

How to change Outfits

First, walk to the journal in her room and also interact through it.

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Next, choose the Unit Appearance option.

Lastly, choose whose outfit you desire to change, or walk to the bottom that the food selection if you want to change everyone"s.

Outfit Options

There room two options, Attire and also In Battle. For residence Leaders in new Game+, over there is also the Hair option.


This determines the attire the character will certainly wear about the Monastery and during cutscenes in Exploration. It does not readjust their portrait.

In Battle

Here, you can select to have actually the personality wear their Monastery outfit chosen in Attire to battle, or have actually them stay the default armor that coincides with your equipped class.

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Required class Attires

Certain classes carry out not have actually an option to allow the character to wear your monastery attire. These space the Horse placed Units (Cavalier, Paladin, etc.) and Flying devices (Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider). In component 2, some units have exemptions come this rule, typically if they"re knowledgeable in horse riding and also are canonically an installed units (i.e Sylvain, Leonie, Ingrid, etc.)


In new Game+, you have the option to adjust your residence Leader"s hair freely in between pre and post time skip looks.

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