If you got in Fire Emblem: Three dwellings thinking the many you would be meant to perform is teach and fight, then you’re in for rather a shock. As it turns out, you’ll also be supposed to organize tea parties for her students and also fellow faculty members.

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What space Tea Parties

Unlocked in chapter 2 after giving Lorenz the Elegant Tea set you get as part of a quest from Ferdinand, Tea Parties enable you to have some one-on-one time with a student or fellow teacher in order to acquire to recognize them better.

So lengthy as it’s your birthday or your relationship with castle is at least C-Rank and also they have time, you can invite anyone to the garden and also have a quiet conversation while sipping ~ above tea. Throughout this time, you deserve to ask lock an assortment that questions and depending ~ above how engaged they room in the conversation, you’ll obtain some rewards.

Normal – assistance Level IncreaseNice – support Level and an ideas IncreasePerfect – support Level and an ideas Increase; Potential +1 Charm because that Participating Characters

Do note, however, the failing two conversation prompts in a row will an outcome in a failure.

Okay, So just how Do I host The finest Tea Parties?


The easiest component about hosting tea parties is picking the tea pipeline you wish to use. You’ll commonly find lock lying roughly the school, yet they have the right to later be purchased native special merchants unlocked in chapter 5. There room no wrong options when choose which tea come brew for your guest, however picking the best one will mitigate the quantity of exactly dialogue alternatives needed to attain a Perfect Tea Time through one, make the special 4th conversation prompt much easier to unlock.

And this leader to the hard element of hosting tea parties: the dialogue options.

The dialogue options are vague, requiring friend to give prompts because that topics of conversation, rather of saying anything concrete. Therefore, you’ll require to consider the guest’s personality (along with any kind of quirks you might have learned around them during the course of the story) come ensure the party go off through a hitch.

As an example:

Dorothea enjoys talking around romance and also teachers she finds interesting, however won’t talk much around herself or she future aspirations.Contrary come Dorothea, Ingrid just cares about knightly matters and also her future aspirations, totally ignoring anything concerned romance.

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Here’s a finish list that potential guests, and also their likes and also dislikes (I’ll list their favourite tea as well if I taken place to discover it):

Alois (Bergamot)Likes: telling jokes, family, the knights, sweet, huge flowersDislikes: Spicy foods, ghosts, sea travelAnnette (Almond)Likes: Dressing up, at an early stage morning walks, dancing, washing clothesDislikes: Dirtiness, places that are hard to clean, coffee, laziness, dark placesAshe (Angelica)Likes: Taking care of children, stories around chivalry, sweets, travel, violetsDislikes: confined spaces, deceit, violence, ghostsBernadetta (Berry Blend)Likes: gift alone, drawing, embroidery, music, reading, stuffed animalsDislikes: Imposing people, overbearing fathers, talking to peopleCaspar (Ginger)Likes: beating evil, fightingDislikes: Inequity, liars, rain, time wastingClaude (Chamomile)Likes: Archery, feasts, curious topics, horse ridingDIslikes: Blind confidence in the gods, leaving things to chance, being bound by typical senseCyril Likes: helping Lady Rhea, practicing archery, tiny flowersDislikes: Rhea’s enemies, anyone who does his work for himDedue (Ginger)Likes: Arts, Gardening, Flowers, EmbroideryDislikes: Bothering DimitriDorotheaLikes: Acting, singing, decorations, music, animalsDislikes: Herself, conceited noblesDimitri (Chamomile)Likes: battle training, weapons, riding, physics trainingDislikes: Weak objects, selfishness, heatEdelgard (Bergamot)Likes: Debate, history, talented peopleDislikes: Old-fashioned values,c rests, chains, swimming, lsoing control, ratsFelix (Almyran pine Needles)Likes: Combat, hunting, high quality weapons, meat, spicy foodDislikes: Chivalry, light-heartedness, sweets, his fatherFerdinandLikes: Tea, justice, nobility, steed ridingDislikes: Laziness, ignoble noblesFlayn (Apple)Likes: Learning brand-new things, making friends, forget-me-nots, talking around loveDislikes: sleeping too much, Setheth’s over-protectionGilbert (Almond)Hanneman (Bergamot)Likes: succinct & tidy workplaces, handkerchiefs, food cooking by othersDislikes: Politics, food preparation himself, corruption, untidinessHilda (Rose Petal)Likes: Dancing, fashion, singing, flowersDislikes: placing in effort, responsibilities, gift tired, excessive weatherHubertLikes: tactics & strategy, protecting Edelgard, intelligenceDislikes: the Church of Seiros, world who stroked nerves Edelgard, gambling, clumsiness, heightsIgnatzLikes: Art, the Goddess, the 4 Saints, flowers, faraway lands, peace, landscapesDislikes: Stressful situations, lightning, those that dislike artIngrid (Mint)Likes: Chivalry, food, meat, horses, knightsDislikes: Hunger, lavishness, people from DuscurLeonie (Angelica)Likes: Competition, hunting, gardening, reusing old things, military arts, JeraltDislikes: Decadence, debt, gift creatures, defeatLinhardtLikes: Freedom, fishing, naps, sleeping, sweets, readingDislikes: Blood, duty, politics, fighting, weaponsLorenz (Rose Petal)Likes: Art, nobility, red roses, teaDislikes: Coffeee, filth, injustice, poor smells, vulgarityLysithea (Sweet apologize Tea)Likes: Cute things, lilies, sweetsDislikes: Being viewed as a child, difficult work, ghosts, bitterness foodManuela (Mint)Likes: Cooking, dancing, needlework, update drinks, singingDislikes: Bullies, clean & tidyingMarianne (Lavender)Likes: Birds, flowers, reading, the GoddessDislikes: clean up, crests, herselfMercedes (Crescent Moon)Likes: Baking, prayingDislikes: Exercising, spicy foodPetra (Spice)Likes: The Brigid Islands, family, s swimming, sunshine, rise treesDislikes: Discrimination, idling, mathRaphael (Ginger)Likes: Training, muscles, protein, his younger sisterDislikes: Books, studying, leftover foodShamir (Chamomile)Likes: Archery, gambling, paychecks, thrown weaponsDislikes: Centipedes, spiders, smooth-talking peopleSetheth (Angelica)Likes: Flayn, fishing, diligence, the ChurchDislikes: Those that dislike the church or FlaynSylvainLikes: plank games, vivid places, womenDislikes: Jealousy, messy places, excessive heat


That’s it for hosting tea next in Fire Emblem: three Houses. It’s not necessarily something you’ll invest a lot of time doing, however if you’re walk to do it, friend might as well do it right.

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