Any placement tips? ns can define my team but its probably easier to to speak the generic GD advanced classes, the canon ashen wolves.

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I to be so close to placing the difficulty down to difficult when constance, nestled in the ideal side trees, to be rushed native the left by one assassin top top the last turn and also i couldn’t even divine pulse together the last round ended.

And furthermore, walk maddening pole to being this frustrating? The key storyline has been an extremely manageable so far - however these paralogues have just to be ruthless. I controlled to perform the ashen wolf ones yet sunk a ton the time into it. Do human being think that worh difficult to? i feel like hard may be a cake walk...

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war Caspar
As a general rule of thumb below are the adversary lay outs

-Pegasus Knights generate from the right

-Cavalry attack from the bottom

-Mages strike from the left

-Assassins attack from the height left

-Armored knights assault from the peak right edge with a pair the Pegasus knights behind them.

Even if you understand where the enemies are, gaining the most out of torches is vital because you desire to be able to target enemies without getting close and/or sacrificing another unit's rotate to collection up vision.

I to be going come be make some presumptions (such together you don't want Rhea come take damage for the crit ring and also Galewind shoes) here due to the fact that I don't have the complete context of your team since alot the the Deer have various progressed classes they deserve to perform well.

It should definitely be provided that having a Melee Flier because that this map to attend to the Bishop over the lake will make her life a ton easier. Falling short of sky is definitely one that the harder pre-timeskip paralogues for this reason don't feel ashamed if you need to put it down and also come ago to it later on when you've gained some much more stats/skills under her belt. Depending upon how your Byleth is built, simply send them to help wherever you feeling the weakest portion is. Typically speaking, even though this is a defense map, walking on offense and also getting a good position is the method to victory here.

Your very first priority need to be to protect against the Pegasus items reinforcements from the best side by death the best Bishop ASAP because their unimpeded movement conveniently threatens both her army and Rhea. Usage Raphael/Balthus come bait in the initial 2 Pegasus Knights and have him use a torch so that you have actually vision top top the Bishop while relocating your Flier(if you have one) down towards the very first set of tree on the map. Balthus in particular thrives ~ above this map due to the fact that healing will be minimal giving tons of use to his prf skill and he should never be close to the mages top top the left next anyway. Unless he's supervisor underleved or you somehow obtained that RNG screwed that should be able to take a dual from one and bait in the other; on the following turn use Ignatz/Claude/Ashe to quickly dispatch that the Pegasus knights and also use your Melee Flier to deal with the Bishop if applicable. He offers Seraphim(ridiculously hefty spell) and has short defense for this reason its exceptionally likely you'll twin and death him also with greater weight weapons.

Leonie (assuming you've trained her in Lances), Lorenz and Hilda should take ~ above the cavalry at the bottom. These three are the many well equipped between Knightkneelers indigenous Leonie and/or Lorenz, Lorenz hitting on your weaker res through magic (if applicable) and Hilda probably being your best axe unit as much as this point. This trio likewise let's Hilda and also Leonie usage their prf skills well which deserve to really do or break obtaining a kill or enduring a hit. Don't be fear to usage the Hand Axe top top Hilda and the Javelin ~ above Lorenz/Leonie. Having a ranged option also if it just does a little bit of damage is infinitely times far better than act nothing yet moving. If you don't have a melee flier to soon bop the Bishop, relocate Raphael/Balthus and also whoever you offered in reminder 1 to assist these three speed up getting to him since you have actually 2 turns until a new set of Pegasus Knights spawn in. The bottom mini-boss doesn't move so there's no rush in death him uneven you're really hungry for a steel shield. Don't be fear to stick come trees and also heal up with Vulnearies and also only use Marianne's Physic on units who will certainly be seeing instant combat.

Send Catherine, Lysethia, and Marianne to attend to the mages. Catherine have the right to take a beating thanks to her prf skill and also generally high stats for that point in the game and Marianne should have sky high res come eat up any type of attack the mages may throw in ~ her and Silence will help a ton right here if you have it. Take treatment of the upper 3 mages an initial before diving down towards the other three. You don't have to be as fast in death the left Bishop because he doesn't generate in his reinforcements until rotate 5. Additionally don't relocate to much towards the top left next or you'll aggro the assassins waiting there.

If you've acquired this far, its probably turn 4 or 5 and the upper ideal two Pegasus knights space in range of her team/Rhea when the Armored Knights space still lagging behind. Dogpile the Pegasus knight pair and also don't concern too much about the Armored Knights until they start obtaining real close. In ~ this point the Assassins in the upper best are on the move and also you'll want to usage plenty that torches in order to keep visibility ~ above them. They have quite the trek come make through the upper left forest, however they have actually 6 MV. You'll want to bait them out of the woodland when attacking them due to the fact that they become near unhittable within it unless you're using magic. Bent Shot, Lysethia's magic, Gambits, Catherine's Foudroyant Strike and also Fading/Rushing Blow(If her Raphael/Balthus is tutored in Brawling) are your finest friends here. Keep in mind the Rhea has both spiritual Power and Charm for this reason if you have the right to line increase an strike while nearby to her thats +6 damage.

Once girlfriend clear the end the Assassin Trio that is pretty lot smooth cruising from here and it's probably about turn 6-8 relying on how strong you are. Use the remainder of the moment to hunt under the Trio of Armored Knights, the bottom bishop if he isn't currently dead and also the upper left bishop if you want the mystery book.

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As because that your second question, I've excellent a Maddening Run with every route and also I've noticed that its greatly the very first quarter that chapters it is the roughest due to the fact that you don't have actually much of something to counter the huge stat/reinforcement inflation. Yet after friend unlock the Saint Statues (the exp an increase most important of all due to the fact that Maddening deliberately guts exp gain) and your units begin getting an ext and more abilities/classes the an obstacle curve smooths the end immensely. Not to say that the setting is suddenly a cake walk later on (rip Ingrid, Ashe and also Petra top top the last map of my BL Maddening Run) however you have much more options to attend to the inflation therefore its relatively more manageable. NG+ only really help you get out the the beforehand game smoother yet the meat and potatoes of the strategy is tho in the later on portions of the game.