BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma– very first Baptist Church that Broken arrowhead has expanded its management team with a crucial hire, through Dr. Matt Brooks stepping in to serve as their new Senior Pastor. An initial Baptist Church that Broken arrow serves an ext than 1,600 members every week.

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Matt previously served together the associate Pastor and Online Campus minister at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. Ordained in 2004, Matt brings a range of other an elderly pastor leadership experiences to his brand-new role at first Baptist Church of damaged Arrow. Matt and also his mam Brenda, along with their 4 children, room excited to sign up with the ar of belief at FBCBA.

Established in 1904, very first Baptist Church is a multigenerational congregation, offer the Christian neighborhood in damaged Arrow, Oklahoma.

Through the years, FBCBA has developed other churches and assisted struggling local churches to help them re-establish a solid foundation. In 2001, FBCBA constructed on an already strong missions foundation and became a an international Focus church, literally complying with Acts 1:8 as their mission strategy. FBCBA also has a satellite campus, community Baptist Church (CBC), in Coweta, Oklahoma. CBC is experiencing explosive growth and also will rest ground this fall to construct a new worship and education facility. This facility will also be constructed debt-free, the same way that FBCBA has been due to the fact that 1990, allowing them to usage their funds because that missions and also ministries come bless their ar instead the paying turn off debts.

FBCBA emphasizes evangelism, missions, and discipleship. FBCBA is purposefully a multi-generational church and also seeks to provide ministry and also worship avenues to both traditional and also non-traditional church attenders of all ages and backgrounds.

First Baptist Church the Broken arrowhead believes that with God, “the finest is constantly yet to be.” is thrilled because that FBCBA in this brand-new season that leadership and also looks forward through them in anticipation for every God will carry out through a brand-new visionary an elderly Pastor.

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