After the scripted Buggy race and also after completing sub Story 24 – Yosumi’s Seeds. Head earlier to the Highland village and you should see one old man by the Well.After speaking to him you will then be tasked come hunt down some materials, friend will need the following; x4 well Cogwheels, x3 well Nails and also x3 Plastics.If you carry out not currently possess these items climate they can quickly be found about the Wasteland and also near the Highland village just save driving into items and also you should finish up v enough.Return come the old man and also hand him the items and also after the leave the Village. When again go back to the town and speak to him as soon as again to finish the quest!

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(FOTNS) Fist the The north Star : shed Paradise – hand-operated Transmission (Side pursuit / below Stories) Guide

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