But for Me, It was Tuesday: 10 the The finest Quotes indigenous The Street Fighter Movie The 1994 Street Fighter movie is a cheesy mess, but it has actually some amazing estimates from M.Bison, Guile & more. Here are the best ones.

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to say the 1994"s live action Street Fighter movie hasn"t aged well is something of an understatement. That being said, it"s also been pickled with age, and turned into a cult standard beloved by plenty of Street Fighter fans who appreciate the campy, corny tone of the film, and also its (shall us say) less-than-faithful adaptations that the video clip game personalities they to be based on.

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Thanks to part spectacularly poor performances, Street Fighter is loaded with conveniently remembered quotes that continue to be iconic, to this day. Some are meant to it is in dramatic, when others space designed come grab the laughs, however most audiences uncovered them funny, one of two people way.

once Chun-Li stumbles ~ above the claimed dead corpse that Guile in a morgue, she"s surprised to watch that he"s actually alive, v his con complete. The two lastly lay their cards out on the table, v Chun-Li revealing her hatred for Bison, and also a desire for revenge.

Guile has her bring away away because that interfering with military business, but not before uttering this quote as she"s gift escorted the end of the room. When both had actually their own reasons because that wanting Bison, the stakes to be much greater for Guile.

9 "Ohhhh, mon! ns shoulda" remained at Microsoft!"

With points going negative for Bison and also his army, Deejay decides to pest out, but not prior to raiding Bison"s trove to obtain his hands on a locked chest. Believing he has actually scored the jackpot, Deejay makes preparations to leave, prior to he notices Ken approaching v the exact same goal in mind.

Deejay utters this quote, which to be far much more hilarious in 1994 than it is today, specifically given what a cultural powerhouse Microsoft has become. Countless forget that when Street Fighter hit theaters, home windows 95 to be still eight months from release.

8 "I was hoping to challenge Guile personally on the battlefield. One gentleman warrior to another, in respectful combat. Then, I would certainly snap his spine!"

Bison"s feeling of honor was extremely dubious top top the finest of days, however apparently he fancied himself fairly the differentiated gent, so much so the he mourned the "death" that Guile halfway with the film. This quote assisted sum up Bison"s take on the situation, v his predictable psychopathy taking over in ~ the end.

In reality, it was every a ruse come ingratiate Ken and also Ryu right into Bison"s ranks as spies. Bison would have actually his desired complement with Guile, but it wouldn"t rotate out like he expected.

7 "Gimme" your hand, fool!"

as soon as Chun-Li, Honda and also Balrog room seized by Bison"s forces and taken to his compound, Bison off her and throws the various other two in a jail cell, wherein they space tortured by a hapless sadist who ends up having the tables turned on him. The two automatically begin plotting their escape, through Balrog surmising that the binding chains can be weak sufficient to pull from the wall.

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When that asks Honda because that a hand, Honda replies hilariously through "I"ve only remained in jail two hours. Maybe following month." It"s sufficient for Balrog to scoff through amusement before doubling down v "Gimme" her hand, fool!" The two regulate to break the chains and escape.

6 "This is merely superconductor electromagnetism! for sure you"ve heard that it? it levitates cartridge trains indigenous Tokyo come Osaka. It levitates my desk, wherein I drive the saddle that the world. And it levitates...ME!"

After dying at Guile"s hands, Bison"s contingency regimen kicks in, and begins administering C.P.R. And also an adrenaline shot in bespeak to carry him back to life. When Guile is busy coordinating the battle with Cammy via far connection, Bison rises choose a vampire native the tomb in creepy fashion.

He knocks Guile ago with a blast the lighting from his gauntlets, climate mutters this quote. What follows next is an effort to adapt Bison"s psycho power into something resembling a real-world explanation.

5 "Bison, you"re off the air!"

The final act the the movie squares Guile off versus the knevish Bison for a scene of hand-to-hand combat - standard Street Fighter style. After giving Bison the boot and electrocuting him come death, Guile is shocked to uncover that he"s still alive and kicking, through a brand-new superpower in ~ his disposal.

Eventually, Guile profit the top hand a second time, kicking Bison right into a television array, bring about a massive explosion that puts him down for good.

4 "His fatality was designed to ingratiate his spies top top you. Ns guess girlfriend didn"t SEEEEEEE that, walk you?"

as Guile"s stealth boat makes its way towards Bison"s compound, he becomes suspicious the something is afoot. ~ busting the ship"s cloaking device, Bison is greeted with the image of Guile ~ above screen, revealing self for the very first time since he to be presumed dead in a shootout.

While Sagat watch on in shock, Bison fits the pieces of the puzzle together and determines Guile"s true arrangement to ingratiate Ken and Ryu into his ranks. Uncomfortable by Sagat"s gullibility, he covers one eye and also utters this quote in order come ridicule him. Needless to say, audience laughed!

3 "Quick, change the channel!"

when Chun-Li, Balrog and Honda manage to disguise themselves as an entertainment outfit for Bison and also his crew, it gives them enough time to enact one assassination plan by rigging a cache that illegal weapons v deadly explosives. Chun-Li expose their setup to Bison via a live TV broadcast, with the poor guys looking on in horror.

As a truck full of rigged weapons comes barreling towards Bison"s compound, Zangief suddenly has a light-bulb moment (dim together it is), and also tells them simply to "change the channel," which earns him more than a couple of annoyed stares, and a riotous audience reaction brimming through laughter!

2 "I"m not going home! I"m walk to gain on mine boat, and I"m going up-river, and I"m going to kick...that son-of-a-b**** Bison"s ass for this reason HARD...that the following Bison wannabe"...is gonna" feel it!"

This quote ranking both concurrently as the best, and absolute worst the the film, through far. During a scene wherein Guile and his troops are provided orders to was standing down, the delivers a passionate speech the rallies them come his cause. It"s a rare minute in the film which touches upon the heroics the an military unit that has been fighting actively to eliminate an evil dictator.

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Van Damme"s shipment is therefore hammy and over the top as to be thought about Raspberry material, yet somehow the shipment fits the tone of the movie therefore well, that audiences thought small of it. It"s corny and also just level awful, but that"s what Street Fighter was every about!

1 "For you, the day Bison graced your town was the most vital day in your life, yet for me? It to be Tuesday."

This one continues to get laughs, twenty-six years later. After capturing Chun Li, Bison sets up a "private interview" in his personal quarters, whereby he prepares for what should be a night of wily, seductive cat n" computer mouse games. Together he gets an ext comfortable, Chun-Li recounts a story about Bison attack her village and murdering she father, which prompted her desire for vengeance.

Bison waits because that the whole delivery, prior to arrogantly proclaiming "I don"t remember any kind of of it," i m sorry stuns Chun-Li. Bison then explains (in his very own demented mind) the events of that day, and also trolls Chun-Li mercilessly through the most unexpected of answers!

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