Hey, friends! complete Cliff is underway, fifth video clip has released. This day we are assessing another classic song of Metallica – “For whom The Bell Tolls”. Bass from this composition is one of the most well-known Cliff Burton’s lines, especially amongst beginner bass players. Simplicity and also beauty make the tune so loved by Metallica fans and also cover makers. So, “For whom The Bell Tolls” – bass review with base tab, which friend can find in the end of article.

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“For whom The Bell Tolls” has actually a pretty an easy structure as for Metallica the Cliff Burton’s period. The band necessary to big the song’s coda to do it end 5 minute – Metallica length standard then. Probably, precisely bass made totality thing, and leaded the track to pan hearts.

Cliff used overdrive for main part of “For whom The Bell Tolls” base line. This sound is typical for “Ride The Lightning” album, and also this is the ideal bass sound Cliff Burton ever taped, IMHO the course. For intro he used heavy distortion and also wah-wah. Examine out the initial “For whom The Bell Tolls” bass track below:

Briefly around every part of the bass line.

Intro. Weird yet true, that the many of bassist execute this easy to play riff wrong! simply watch the video clip of Metallica bass auditions native “Some sort of Monster” movie, that consisted of extremely demonstrative cut of how different bass players played it:

Do girlfriend have any type of questions about who is the man? Robert absolutely deserved his ar in Metallica! He picked the riff 100% correctly, and performed it so nice come watch and also hear, that other guys couldn’t.

The most usual mistake in playing “For who The Bell Tolls” base intro is not to execute a pull-off. Need to admit, it’s quite illegible since of sound effects and overlaid guitar octaves (very cool idea, by the way!). Below is the moment marked by red:


There’s naught to mess in the rest of riff. Cliff taped this intro v some improvisations: different vibratos, slides, tremolo, not to beat the pull-off once. I tried to perform the very same in mine cover.

First riff after base intro. Yeas, the “0321-0321” one. May be funny, but when ns was a beginner i feel a absence of stretching playing this riff (probably because of 3 fingers and 3 widest bars connected there, yet practice resolved it). Some human being play dorn the endings of the riff, here’s my base tabs that it:


Verse riff. Cliff play it by accented chords, utilizing some type of slap. He did improvised different fills, do swingy rhythm there. Particularly cool are slides, which the magically made sound so special:


Chorus and also bridge riffs. Clear and understandable ones, as for me. Chorus goes with triplets and chromatics (I do like chromatics=). Leg is a sport of verse riff. That’s all.

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Coda the “For who The Bell Tolls” has much an ext to discuss about. Cliff played it by power chords, when Kirk make his screaming solo. Not all bassists plays the outro this way, however Cliff did, and it sound powerful. By the way, it turned not so simple to acquire in rhythm here!


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In addition, couple of live performances of “For whom The Bell Tolls”. Reap it! =)

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Wish i knew that I’m not dammit alone in every one of this stuff. It’s hard time for rock-n-roll, yet I hope, there’s a people who desires to do justice to Cliff Burton’s art. Nevertheless, “TOTAL CLIFF” move on! R.I.P, Cliff \m/