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A drop lid (dropped capital) is a big capital letter supplied as a decorative aspect at the beginning of a paragraph or section. The size of a drop lid is usually 2 or an ext lines.

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The following illustration mirrors your options for placing a drop cap.


Add a drop cap

Select the very first character of a paragraph.


Go come INSERT > Drop Cap.


Select the fall cap alternative you want.

To produce a drop cap the fits within your paragraph, select Dropped.


To develop a autumn cap the is in the margin, external of your paragraph, select In margin.


Tip: You can change the size and also font of the fall cap, and its street from the text. To do so, select Drop Cap > Drop cap Options, and also under Options, make her selections.

Remove a fall cap

Highlight the large drop cap letter.

Go come INSERT > Drop Cap, and also select None.


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Add or adjust a autumn cap

On the View menu, select Print Layout.

Select the paragraph that you desire to begin with a drop cap.

The paragraph need to contain text, and also cannot be inside a message container.

On the Format menu, pick Drop Cap.

Select Dropped or In margin.

Select the alternatives that friend want.

Remove a fall cap

On the View menu, pick Print Layout.

Select the i that contains the drop cap that you desire to remove.

On the Format menu, choose Drop Cap.

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Select None.

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