Fortnite Season 6 is nearly at that is end and with main 8 we have the right to now suppose a brand-new set of difficulties to assist push human being closer to your tier 100 ~ above the fight pass. Below are the recent weekly obstacles for you come do and get those cost-free battle pass tiers. Uncover out what are this main Fortnite Season 6 mainly 8 difficulty and the easiest way to do them.

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Free fight Pass Challenges: 

Visit Challenge: (5 Stars)

Lonely Lodge and also Retail heat in a single matchJunk Junction and Pleasant Park in a solitary matchFlush Factory and Fatal Fields in a single matchHaunted Hills come Lazy Links in a single matchTomato holy place to shift Shafts in a single match

All you need to do is visit the over locations in doing well order.

Dance v a fish trophy at a named location 0/7 (5 Stars)

You can the areas of the fish in the cheat sheet above or the video clip below. Just go in former of one and also do a dance. If girlfriend repeat the very same fish you will certainly not gain the glow effect on her character.

Six Shooter / Heavy assault Rifle remove 0/2 (HARD, 10 Stars)

For Six Shooter and Heavy attack Rifle, you have the right to easily find the latter in it is provided drops and also chests, otherwise, 6 Shooters are wealth on the battlefield. Just jump into a game of Food Fight and also you’ll discover them in the dozens.

Battle pass Challenges: 

Get a score that 3 on various clay pigeon shooters 0/3 (5 Stars)

We go these challenges earlier in Season 5 week 3. Every you need to do is shoot 3 clay pigeons that the machine shoots out. The best weapon for this would be a shotgun. The locations are ~ above the cheat sheet above or you can see them in the video clip below.

Score trick points in a vehicle; Quadcrasher, Kart or to buy Cart. For 250,000 points (5 Stars)

For scoring trick points, seize a Quadcrasher, ATK or a to buy cart. Build a ramp and just keep driving turn off it. Us recommend you use the Quad or the ATK together you are less likely to die from the fall.

Visit 4 different named locations in a solitary match (HARD, 10 Stars)

All you have to do is glide or walk into named places on the map prefer Dusty Divot, retail Row, Paradise drops etc. If the doesn’t have a name on the map, it won’t count. You additionally need come make sure they’re in the exact same match. So just go into a video game of Food Fight and also put your character top top auto-run.

Use: (HARD, 10 Stars)

Grappling hookLaunch padRift-to-go

For grappling hook and also its proceeding items, you have the right to easily uncover these as floor loot, chests, supply drops.

Make certain you remain until the finish of the enhance or you remove yourself as shortly as you have done the difficulty if you space in a solo, duo or squads for your success in each to appropriately register. Leaving match will an outcome in the an obstacle not gift saved.

These are several of the easiest challenges so far, the only complicated one would certainly be eliminating opponents with a 6 Shooter / Heavy attack Rifle due to the fact that those will certainly be a scarce items now. Friend can quickly do the bulk of these in a single game of Food Fight.

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Unfortunately, that looks favor the reward because that this weeks obstacles is an additional banner. No bonus mystery star. Us will check out that return in main 9.