The ice King cometh! now that the whole Fortnite map is covered in ice and snow, the ice cream King proceeds to it is in the star of each week’s Snowfall loading screen, which occasionally leads to a an enig battle star. Main 7 verified him ~ above his throne, and also for main 8 we watch him actively summoning the ice storm.

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Week 8 started Thursday morning and for anyone looking come hunt down the mystery Snowfall banner, we’ve obtained all the info right here, consisting of a video clip guide native YouTuber garandhero. (Be certain to inspect out his YouTube web page for even an ext Fortnite videos).

Once players finish all seven Week 8 difficulties — including “search in between a mysterious hatch, a gigantic rock lady, and also a precarious flatbed” — castle unlock this week’s Snowfall loading screen, together with the clue it contains.

This week’s proviso is a tiny tough come notice, and also it’s likewise harder come decipher than many weeks. It’s a an excellent thing friend wound increase here, right?


The proviso in front of the ice cream King ~ above the castle’s ramparts looks favor a banner with four coordinates: A8, B8, A9, B9.

Just like in Season 6, week 10, this are works with leading come a very particular destination. This clue translates to a details intersection ~ above the Fortnite map at the exact middle point between 4 squares in the southwestern wintery zone.

But this days, the course, the entirety map is a wintery zone.

The place is directly south that Frosty Flights on the western next of the map, and also players should have the ability to find it quickly by aiming right for the intersection enraged by the loading screen.

Similar to places for “search between” challenges, this specific location is demarcated by an irregularity on the ground. Quite than a spot of dust interrupting grass, that a dark clues on the pristine snow that looks practically like a bruise.


The certain location looks favor a big bruise in the snow, similar to assorted patches the dirt that house comparable items.Epic Games

This specific hidden banner winds up being one of the simplest to uncover as a result.

The in-game countdown says that Fortnite Season 7 doesn’t end until February 27, 2019. So football player have around a month to complete this and also other challenges before Season 8 is upon us, bringing all sorts of new map changes and also challenges through it.

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Here’s an in-depth look in ~ everything included in the Fortnite Season 7 Premium fight Pass.