With Fortnite Season 9 comes to a close, us may likewise be shortly saying goodbye to the Fortbytes system, or at least this version of it. While we don’t know Epic’s plans simply yet for Season 10, we have the right to at the very least tick Fortbye #34: Found in between A Fork and Knife turn off our list.

In the unlikely occasion that you’ve been hidden alive by The Undertaker for the last nine weeks and therefore to be unable to keep up v Fortnite, Fortbytes were introduced by Fortbtyes at the begin of Season 9 to store players invested. A brand-new Fortbyte can be found every job from 2PM BST with there being 100 in complete to hunting down. You unlock a new cosmetic items every five Fortbytes friend collect, but the large goal is obtaining 90, i beg your pardon is once you will unlock the selfhood skin.

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Here’s every little thing you should know about Fortbye #34: Found between A Fork and Knife.

Fortbye #34: Found between A Fork and also Knife Map



You can discover the fork and knife in Fortnite by heading on end to deadly Fields and then heading contempt northwest. Over there is a distinctive indent in the ground the looks favor the eponymous utensils. There’s likewise a sky Platform in near proximity.

Fortbye #34: Found in between A Fork and Knife Location


Though there’s a patch on height that argues the Fortbyte is there, that is actually underground. Friend can uncover it on the southern side of the fork and also knife, ideal by a security camera. No special requirements here, simply wander up and get it.

Fortbyte #34 video Guide

With united state winding now in this Fortnite season, it’s no surprise to watch that the Fortbytes are acquiring gated off more and more to those who have been placing the hours in v their battle Pass and also previous Fortbyte obligations.

There’s just under two weeks left come go until Fortnite Season 9 concludes, for this reason if girlfriend haven’t made much of a dent in your Fortbytes, you yes, really ought to gain a relocate on.

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Fortnite Season 9 Fortbytes List

The listed below is exact as of the time of writing. Our masterlist gets updated every day.

Fortbyte #2: found At A Location concealed Within Loading display #6Fortbyte #3: accessible By using The Skull Trooper Emoji in ~ The Western many PointFortbyte #4: accessible by skydiving through the rings above Loot Lake with the Plasma trail Contrails equippedFortbyte #5: Corrupted DataFortbyte #6: easily accessible With Yay! Emote at An ice Cream Shop In The DesertFortbyte #7: accessible By making use of The Cuddle up Emoticon within A Rocky UmbrellaFortbyte #8: uncovered Within Junk JunctionFortbyte #9: Corrupted DataFortbyte #11: discovered Beneath A Circling jungle ParrotFortbyte #12: obtainable By making use of The Nana Nana Spray within A Molten TunnelFortbyte #13: uncovered at a location concealed within Loading screen #2Fortbyte #14: uncovered Within an RV ParkFortbyte #15: Corrupted DataFortbyte #16: Found In A Desert house With Too countless ChairsFortbyte #17: uncovered Inside A wood Fish BuildingFortbyte #18: discovered Somewhere in between Mega Mall and also Dusty DivotFortbyte #19: easily accessible With The Vega Outfit within A Spaceship BuildingFortbyte #20: discovered At The center Of any Of The an initial Three Storm CirclesFortbyte #21: Corrupted DataFortbyte #22: easily accessible By using Rox Spray In one UnderpassFortbyte #23: Corrupted DataFortbyte #24: discovered Within fatal FieldsFortbyte #26: easily accessible With The Bunker Jonesy Outfit near a Snowy BunkerFortbyte #27: Corrupted DataFortbyte #28: Corrupted DataFortbyte #29: Corrupted DataFortbyte #30: discovered Somewhere between Haunted Hills & pleasant ParkFortbyte #31: uncovered At A Meteor Crater OverlookFortbyte #32: available By attract Kyo Pet ago Bling at the Northern most PointFortbyte #33: Corrupted DataFortbyte #34: Found in between A Fork and also KnifeFortbyte #36: accessible by Sentinel on a frozen islandFortbyte #37: discovered Inside A disaster Bunker in pleasant ParkFortbyte #38: Corrupted DataFortbyte #40: Accessible v The Demi Outfit on A Sundial In The DesertFortbyte #41: easily accessible By using Tomatohead Emoticon within The Durr citizens RestaurantFortbyte #43: Corrupted DataFortbyte #45: Corrupted DataFortbyte #47: Found in between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and also a crashed battle BusFortbyte #48: accessible By utilizing The Vox Pickaxe come Smash The Gnome besides A mountain Top ThroneFortbyte #49: discovered In Trog’s ice cream CaveFortbyte #50: easily accessible At Night Time Inside mountain Top lock RuinsFortbyte #51: obtainable By using The Cluck Strut To overcome The roadway At Peely’s Banana StandFortbyte #52: Corrupted DataFortbyte #53: obtainable By helping To raise Disco ball At Abandoned rogue LairFortbyte #55: found within Haunted HillsFortbyte #56: Corrupted DataFortbyte #58: obtainable By utilizing The Sad Trombone Emote in ~ The North finish Of Snobby ShoresFortbyte #59: obtainable With Durrr! Emoji inside Pizza Pit RestaurantFortbyte #60: easily accessible With authorize Spinner Emote In front Of The Happy Oink RestaurantFortbyte #61: obtainable By utilizing Sunbird Spray ~ above A Frozen WaterfallFortbyte #62: Fortnite Fortbyte #62: available With The Stratus Outfit within An exit MansionFortbyte #63: discovered Somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal FieldsFortbyte #64: accessible By Rox On peak Of Stunt MountainFortbyte #65: found In A Basement spending plan Movie SetFortbyte #67: obtainable By paris the Retaliator Glider despite The ring Under the Southern most Sky PlatformFortbyte #68: discovered Within A Snowy Town book ShopFortbyte #69: discovered Inside A stone Pig BuildingFortbyte #70: Skydive v The Rings over Lazy Lagoon w/ vivid Contrails EquippedFortbyte #72: uncovered Within salty SpringsFortbyte #74: found In A filing Cabinet within An Assassin’s BasementFortbyte #75: uncovered Within An airplane HangerFortbyte #76: uncovered Behind A historic Diorama In An insurance allowance BuildingFortbyte #77: found Within A Track next Taco ShopFortbyte #78: found Within A Ranger Tower Overlooking A Drained LakeFortbyte #79: discovered within one arcadeFortbyte #80: usage The Bunker Basher Pickaxe come Smash the rock at the VolcanoFortbyte #81: obtainable In The Daytime near A mountain Top Cactus WedgeFortbyte #82: Accessible By resolving The pressure Plate Puzzle NW of The BlockFortbyte #83: discovered In A rock Garden close to The CoastFortbyte #86: Corrupted DataFortbyte #88: found Somewhere within Map location J3Fortbyte #89: accessible By flying The Scarlet win Glider v Rings east Of Snobby ShoresFortbyte #91: discovered At A Location covert Within Loading screen #4Fortbyte #92: available by using Rock Love Spray close to a lavafallFortbyte #93: Corrupted DataFortbyte #94: Corrupted DataFortbyte #95: uncovered At A Solar Panel array In The JungleFortbyte #97: uncovered Somewhere in ~ Loading display screen #8Fortbyte #98: Corrupted DataFortbyte #100: uncovered On The greatest Floor of The Tallest structure In Neo Tilted

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