Get the latest totally free games from her PlayStation plus subscription today, and see what you'll be paying because that the service beginning this month.

PlayStation to add members have had their latest an option of cost-free titles revealedto them. This month will certainly be special two major releases for totally free to anyone who is signed up because that the service.

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First is Journey,the critically acclaimed adventure by the talented developer at thatgamecompany. You take it on the function of a traveler together you undertaking through a world filled withbreathtaking scenery as you search for your method to the mountaintops. That is a serene and relaxing game, with a distinct online experience and a gorgeous soundtrack.


The next title we"ll get this month isLords of the Fallen,developed through both Deck13 Interactive and also CI Games and also released late right into 2014. You play together Harkyn, a man trying to finish the war in between humans and also the gods. Through a combat device that is often compared to Dark Souls, the game offers the player three classes to choose from, each providing a distinct experience.

The complete list of PlayStation add to titles can be checked out here:

PlayStation 4

Lords the the FallenJourneyBadland

PlayStation 3

JourneyPrinces of Persia: The forget SandsDaturaBadland

PlayStation Vita

BadlandAmnesia: Memories

There is also however some sad news come go through this announcement.As ofSeptember 22nd the price the PlayStation plus yearly membership will be increasing. The price the one year of organization will be raising from$49.99 USD/$49.99 CAD to $59.99 USD/$69.99 CAD. The price of a 3 month subscription will certainly be increasing from$17.99 USD/$17.99 CAD to $24.99 USD/$29.99 CAD. Finally, the one month price of playstation Plus will not be transforming in USD but will be enhancing from $9.99 CAD to $11.99 CAD.


Sony had actually the adhering to to say in regards to the price increase, blaming market conditions for the hike:

PlayStation add to strives to enrich her PlayStation suffer through a world-class service developed for our fans. This point out the very first time the PS plus membership price will boost in the U.S. And Canada because the start of the service in 2010. The new pricing shows the existing market conditions while enabling us to proceed providing superior value come our members. As a member, girlfriend will proceed to gain the benefits and features that enable shared experiences, together as digital multiplayer, complimentary games, and exclusive discounts. You will also continue to obtain exclusive benefits such as online video game save storage and discounts throughout the game stations digital services.

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The price that the company had currently gone up for Europe and the UK in ~ a similar time critical year.