If girlfriend require aid please call the office via phone in ~ (269) 945-1283, email the office at FOC

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barryco.org or via fax at (269) 948-3331.Child support commonly asked questions throughout COVID-19 outbreakCustody and parenting time generally asked questionsduring COVID-19 outbreak
Orientation sessions occur on a monthly basis and are currently being held via Zoom meetings (Zoom meeting Instructions) (2021 Schedule)

Welcome come the Barry County friend of the Court. Us encourage girlfriend to use this website to education yourself about the friend of the Court (FOC). Ours office would choose this relationship to be a positive and also professional suffer for both you and the staff. Our mission is to administer excellent customer service while dealing with these domestic relations matters, maintaining the child’s finest interest at heart.

The FOC assists the household Court v establishing, enforcing, and also modifying court orders concerning child support, child treatment expenses, custody, nursing time, uninsured clinical costs, spousal support (alimony), and also domicile (residence). The FOC becomes affiliated when an activity is filed v the Court by an attorney, the prosecuting lawyer or among the parties. A filed action could incorporate divorce, custody, support or paternity establishment.

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After ~ an activity is filed the Judge renders a determination, an stimulate is signed and is filed through the ar Clerk. At this time, enforcing and modifying court orders, collecting assistance payments, making recommendations for support, custody, and also parenting time will certainly begin.

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