FREEPORT — Like plenty of nonprofits, friends Forever Humane Society has been challenged by the events of 2020.

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The local animal shelter had to cancel all of its fundraisers this year due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic. The included the Cookie Walk, one of its largest fundraisers, which had to it is in canceled critical week. It intended that 175 presents baskets to be left come be offered via on facebook or by neighborhood retailers.

Sales were far better than expected, but the shelter enters the vacation season needing help from community elves to make sure sufficient money comes in to salary the bills this winter.

Occupancy because that dogs is down because the sanctuary does no have enough money come pay because that the move of unwanted animals. Carol Falconer, executive, management director for FFHS, said the number of animals needing homes throughout the nation remains high, yet FFHS, like plenty of other shelters, can not afford to carry the pets to the local shelter for adoption.

Adoption means the pets find forever homes, yet it also method the shelter has actually money coming in.

“Having come go earlier to Tier 3 that COVID expected we had actually to release our annual Cookie walk, and also that was just another hit we had to take it this year," Falconer said. "That usually method $1,000. We resorted to plan B to try to sell the numerous wonderful baskets either online or through letting part retail shops take it them in to sell throughout last week’s Mistletoe Walk. Points went better than ns thought, yet it still involves me.”

FFHS commonly has monthly fundraisers. The money pays the bills, pays the staff and feeds the animals. In addition, Falconer said having to close the shelter"s doors to travellers has reduced down top top drop-in donations.

“We fight for donations choose many, and I need to say, donations have actually just not been as solid this year, but we are not offering up,” she said. “We have a mission, a vision, and also with the holidays approaching, we hope the providing spirit remains alive.”

Pet owners can assist out by taking component in the FFHS pictures with Santa fundraiser. This year will be different, however. Instead of having actually your pet photographed ~ above Santa"s lap, FFHS is providing a digital alternative.

This year, people can email a picture of your pet that will be linked with photo of Santa. The price for a 5 x 7-inch picture is $10. Images should be emailed through Dec. 20 to petsrus966 Payment can be do by using the link on the friends Forever Humane culture Facebook page.

Kathie Napholz go the videos of cats and dogs that are available for adoption for the shelter"s facebook page. She stated successful adoptions resulting from the videos have actually been great for the shelter. She embraced all 3 of her dogs indigenous FFHS, and doing the videos, she said, is her way of giving back.

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“I look forward to my video shoot as a means of connecting to the animals waiting because that adoption,” Napholz said. “The videos have proved to be effective, and I feel this is my method of helping.”

Falconer said she is waiting with hope for the results of the shelter"s Holiday giving campaign. Appeals went out to members, previous donors and come those who have adopted. 

“We have always felt sustained by this community — many therefore generous,” she said. “Winter is near; this year has actually been hard and also I remain optimistic.”

Donations deserve to be make at 966 Rudy Road, Freeport, IL 61032. For much more information, contact 815-232-6164.