Use her Dog Gurus member to Get huge Savings ~ above Pet technology Instructor Training!


“Pet tech is the first international cultivate center committed to ‘Improving the top quality of pet Lives, One Pet parental at a time.™’ We achieve this with training and also education. Ns invite you to take advantage of among these two special offerings to magnify your Pet treatment Professional business on a entirety other level!” Thom Somes, The Pet security Guy, President and Co-Founder of pets Tech

PetSaver™: pets CPR, very first Aid & care Training

As a Pet treatment Professional, it’s essential to be trained and current in these potentially life-saving an abilities in pet CPR, very first Aid & Care. Her clients will feel safer knowing their pets space safe in her hands. Ours 8-hour PetSaver Training consists of the following:

Pet CPR (3 types)Choking monitoring (conscious and also unconscious)Bleeding ManagementThe Snout-To-Tail Assessment™…and more!

We teach v presentation, demonstration, and hands-on skills practice. This is the best method to acquire brand-new skills and also knowledge. Click here to discover a class near you!

After course completion, girlfriend will obtain the main Dog Gurus and also PetSaver badges together proof of her accomplishments. Client LOVE to see these authority and credibility convincers!


Pet tech Instructor Training

If you desire to yes, really convince pet lovers that friend are increasing the Bar the Pet care Professionalism, come to be a Pet technology Instructor, to teach Pet CPR, very first Aid & care to your staff, clients and community! as a Dog Guru member, you will receive a PAWTASTIC discount of $200 turn off the Pet tech Instructor Training!

Pet technology Trainings are taught by presentation, demonstration and also hands-on an abilities practice through one-on-one coaching. Our “Head, hand & Heart™” philosophy incorporates what we take into consideration to it is in the true trifecta for training come acquire new skills with lengthy term retention and also quick solution time. You deserve to NOT get this level that competence in an virtual training. We think in giving an individual assistance in finding out these potentially life saving skills!

The require for Pet technology Instructors grow as an ext Pet lover now recognize the need to be proactive in their pets’ wellness just as they are with their very own health. They space their pet K911! being trained and prepared is key. The structure of every pet emergency preparedness plan is knowing the skills and approaches of pet CPR, very first Aid and Emergency Preparedness. You can never gain trained too soon.

As an included benefit, girlfriend will receive your own Pet technology profile web page for friend to use as a mark of your achievement and add to her credibility as a Pet treatment Professional. Imagine the confidence your clients will certainly feel when they see your accomplishments, favor the instance below!

As a Dog Gurus member, you room eligible because that the $200 discount on any Pet technology Instructor Training.

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Classes fill up fast, so act currently to get priority registration and also seating! Click right here to discover an instructor training near you!

After food completion, friend will get the main Dog Guru and also Pet tech Instructor badges together proof of her accomplishments. As a unique honor, you’ll likewise receive our special an initial 100 Dog Gurus Pet technology Instructors badge! clients LOVE to see these authority and credibility convincers!


If you’re ready to do this important company decision now, we’re here and also ready to answer all of your questions! Our service model is “We’re Successful when You’re Successful!” we look front to you joining the pet Tech family of Instructors, helping us with our mission and also “Preventing 1 Million pet ER Visits!™”