The French Bulldog is a lively, fun-loving, and intelligent breed, unlike the rest. They space affectionately friendly and also are bred to be your owner’s companion. In a way, you have the right to refer come this cute tiny pet as a far-off cousin the the English Bulldog. Among the many charming parts of the French Bulldog"s human body is unarguably their ear - cocked favor a bat’s ears. However the intriguing thing about the French Bulldogs ear is the they all don"t watch the same; while some may show up floppy, others may be pointing up.

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Curiously, this difference or sport in the appearance of French Bulldog ears offers a source of problem for part owners, particularly those with floppy ears. Shop  interacted v some French Bulldog owners and gathered some of their point out of concern and also questions, most common among them, in bespeak to provide some answers that might be soothing.

Why Does mine have Floppy Ears?

Almost every French Bulldogs have floppy ear at birth. So, if girlfriend noticed that your French Bulldog puppy"s ears space floppy you require not worry (you want your cutie"s ears to be pointing up like a bat"s) due to the fact that it is not strange to you, that"s just how"s room born.

So, how Long does it take it a French Bulldog"s ear to was standing Up?

There"s no straight-jacket answer to this question. It might take a pair of weeks, and also sometimes, you might start see the signs of it springing up within days. It would rely on the level and also speed of advancement of every However ideally, her"s Ear must start standing in ~ 7 mainly old.

My French Bulldog"s One Ear is Pointing up While the various other is Floppy, Is there Something Wrong?

No. There"s naught wrong. When at some point your French Bulldog"s ears begin standing up, the is not all the time and all tacoemojishirt.coms the both ears rise up at the very same time and at the exact same pace. Friend might notification that one ear is up and one is down. That could likewise happen the the following day, the one ear the was under the vault day could be was standing up and also the one standing up the previous day might go floppy. Sometimes both ears might start walking up and in a job or two, both ear or among them could go down. Also, one ear might be increase weeks prior to the other even starts to show any kind of sign of increasing up.

The French Bulldog ears execute all sorts of wonky things. As a issue of fact, you must see the tricky rise and fall as an entertaining and interesting process. That is actually entertaining and also interesting, and also not worrisome.


I have actually Multiple French Bulldog Puppies and Some Still have Floppy ears While some Ears room Standing increase Already, have to I Visit the Vets?

There"s no reason for alarm. One point you must recognize is the each puppy is ~ above his or her own time table, even puppies indigenous the exact same litter. Part puppy"s ear may be perfect erect at their fourth week while some may take approximately 10 weeks.

What have the right to I do If my Dog"s ears Don"t stand Up?

Like I stated earlier, in ~ the 7th week, her puppy"s ears should already have started showing signs of climbing up. If you noticed this, the is better to let the ears stand on their own. But, if at the time you haven"t noticed any kind of such sign, over there are ways you can assist your Puppy"s ear to stand up.

Use the complying with techniques:

1. Tape each ear individually with 1.4-inches large of masking tape.

2. Make sure the ear is kept flat while taping to prevent a wrinkled-looking ear base.

3. Orient ears to the peak where castle would typically stand erect.

4. Once in the erect place of 11 and 1 O"Clock, ice a connecting bridge from one ear come the other.

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5. Leaving tape in place for in between four to five days, then make a small cut in ~ the base of the tape and also gently peel off to remove the tape.


We expect these few answers come some frequently Asked Questions about French Bulldog ear are advantageous to you and will assist you accomplish the perfect ear shape that you desire for your French Bulldog.

You are most welcome come share through us your endure while your"s ears were beginning to stand, or what obstacles you are facing at the minute with them. Cheers!