So ns tried to buy part op for opskins through g2a and on the page it stated my order was sucessful however then i got an email saying the the transaction was decreased by their security system. I confirm my financial institution account and also the charge is udner pending and also the money was taken from mine account. Has this taken place to everyone else? will certainly the money come earlier after a tiny while since I didnt recieve the op or anything?


I have actually the exact same issue and also can confirm g2a will certainly return money to her card. Mine take it abouts 12 hours. I offered Paypal. Damn, I simply want come pay mine pirated BF3 :p

interesting quiet didnt acquire mine back. Probably because mine was a debit map so yes extra processing??

Yes i gained charged 500$ precious of opskins and also i never gained them. I'm talking to a live assistance to gain it sorted out. Maybe you have to do the same

Ya i talked to to g2a support. They stated its just a pending transaction and when an order is declined a refund request is immediately sent come the bank so it will certainly take some time for the money to go out of pending and also for the charge to fall.

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G2a is pretty an excellent in 99.9% that the cases, yet there are some painfull exceptions. So much friction to acquire what you paid for. Gl


In such case money may be decrease by payment operator, that's why you have information that pending transaction. In any case, we strongly imply contacting through our assistance Department to sort things out. Please don't worry, our team will be much more than happy to aid you with this issue.

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If you have any further concerns or doubts, save in mind that you can constantly find added information ~ above G2A's FAQ or by contacting united state on live conversation or ticket. Ours consultants are there for you 24/7.

See you again at G2A

G2A Team


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