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Jennifer Shannon is an expert garage sale shopper with an eye for surprise gems and also a psychic for resolving mysteries. At she consignment save Rags come Riches, Jennifer agrees to sell some collectible tour jackets on behalf of bass player Lita Merrill, who is around to go on the roadway with local nation singer man Dalton. ~ above the job of Dalton’s distinct hometown concert, Lita abruptly quits the tape via a cryptic text. When she is subsequently uncovered hung to death in she living room, the situation is rule a suicide.

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POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: While i am extremely cautious when reviewing any type of film, specifically mysteries, i cannot insurance you won’t find something that “spoils” the film for you. With that in mind, you re welcome decide now whether you review on or not. You have been warned.

As every usual, there space plenty the recognizable encounters in this stunning cast. Long-time Hallmark (and Lifetime as well as other networks) will identify the superbly talented Emily Tennant. While her time on our screens is short as Lita Merril, the duty is memorable and pivotal. In recent times, Emily has actually truly grown into these adult roles and also emerged from the mold of “teenager” or “little girl.” ns am therefore glad that Hallmark proceeds to use her significant talents in your films and shows.

However, Kurt Teixeira is someone who is totally new to me. And also after researching his credits, i deduced the he is relatively brand-new to acting in film/TV in general. As the singer john Dalton, he provides a splendid performance in his first Hallmark function (and I believe his an initial real featured role in a TV movie). I’m assuming he is the one to sing in the film provided his choral background, and also if that is the case, ns say double bravo because that a tremendous acting and musical performance. Here’s hoping we have not seen the critical of him.

As the quite dark and also foreboding Bo Taylor, Matt Ellis triumphantly returns to Hallmark movies & Mysteries (he was earlier featured in Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder through Love). Bo is quite a vital character, and while ns refuse to give any type of spoilers, i recommend maintaining a nearby eye top top this character. Matt infuses him with the specific irascibility crucial for this form of character, and I look front to seeing an ext from this completed actor in the future. Although many of his credits space not Hallmark-related, his job is decidedly established and extensive.

While the casual viewer might be tempted to overlook the personalities of Bobby and also Mike (other members of john Dalton’s band), as we know, every character is essential and should be taken into consideration a doubt in a killing mystery. And in these roles, we room treated to the gifts of Ryan McDonnell and Warren Abbott, respectively. Both room making your Hallmark debuts, and all I can say is that i trust it won’t be their last! lock both offer solid, credible performances.

No doubt that this pairing is an pure blast! according to an interview ns did freshly with Tegan Moss, this is the 6th time she and her brother, Jesse Moss, have functioned together on screen. As Pamela Dalton, wife of musician Jason, Tegan provides the sort of performance the those that have very closely followed she career have pertained to expect from her. She is simply returning to acting after around a six-year break, but it is clear the she has not shed her knack for creating prominent and credible characters. And Jesse is quite continual in his function as Jason’s manager, Rick. Again, i will reveal no hints as to these characters’ joining or absence thereof within the mystery, yet they are intrinsic personalities that may hold the an essential to addressing the crime.

Those with a crawl eye will certainly remember seeing Kalyn mile in Wedding march 2, together the illustrious wedding planner, but she has likewise been featured in The practically Groom. However, ns think her function as Cassie Parks is walking to firmly embed she within the minds of Hallmark pan forever. Not just is the character inexorably tied come the plot, but Kalyn offers a stunning performance that will save you guessing and wondering exactly how Jenn will number this one out! Perchance us Hallmark pan will see Kalyn again, however she has actually done part work exterior of the network that dedicated fans may wish come investigate.(Season’s Greetings is precious the watch.)

As we know, there are always subplots the don’t directly address the killing at hand. And also this time we gain a particularly entertaining visit from Dani’s (Sarah Strange) sister, Beth Anne. I have no doubt the Hallmark fans will certainly rejoice to see the spunky and also delightful Gabrielle Miller illustrating this role, together we have seen she in Good WitchChristmas in ~ Cartwright’s, and Trading Christmas in enhancement to her appearances on other networks. All too often, Gabrielle gets typecast in the “not nice” roles, and Beth ann is watch in maintaining with the tradition. However, i think Hallmark fans room in for a dazzling surprise as soon as Beth anne reveals who she genuinely is beneath she facade. And in for this reason doing, she helps us understand a bit much more about Dani. I would certainly absolutely love to see Gabrielle return because that a visit as she is a winsome addition to the series. Ns guess that’s up to the writers, Hallmark, and more, but I would be the very first to petition Hallmark for her inclusion, as I doubt there’s little Gabrielle can not do when it concerns acting.

While Logan (Connor Stanhope) is featured this time, the emphasis of this film when it comes to Jenn’s family is Hannah (Eva Bourne) and Jason (Steve Bacic). Again, ns don’t desire to provide anything away, but Hannah and also Jason have actually a dispute that looks as though it may not be addressed anytime soon. Hannah is hitting she father wherein it hurts, and also Jason is regularly at odds come know how to mediate this issue.

Thankfully, since this is Hallmark and an ext episodes are planned, we deserve to rest assured that both will certainly reach a damage that will certainly be mutually beneficial, yet the method in which the is solved may put some major strain on their father-daughter relationship. I appreciated the means the story arisen this specific issue, and also the resolution was without doubt the piece de resistance. Kudos come the writers and to the actors!


Jay Brazeau (Tramell)

Of course, we will certainly be cure to Dr. Trammel (Jay Brazeau) however again., and the aid he uses Jenn (Lori Loughlin) is invaluable together always. The ceaselessly brings a lighter mood to the topic of murder, and also I am so thankful to Hallmark for consistently bringing the back. I wouldn’t even mind see him in a couple of more scenes sometime in the future, but at least he’s there!

And what on planet can i say about Sarah Strange as Dani that would permit me to demonstrate just how much i adore she in this role? I specifically enjoyed learning about Dani’s background and also getting understanding into why she behaves as she does, dresses choose she does, thinks like she does. I often forget that buy it is the one portraying Dani since Sarah has actually so make this multifaceted woman right into the three-dimensional, warm, loving, quirky character we viewers are privileged to see. I know it is rather cliche for me to explain this, yet it is certain true to state that there is nobody else who might play Dani for this reason effortlessly and flawlessly together Sarah, and also I look front to many more years of Garage revenue Mystery films featuring her unique and also wondrous talent in this function of roles! Oh, and also by the way, if it’s socially acceptable because that Dani to “fangirl” end a favourite musician, then i think it’s safe to speak it’s permissable for any kind of woman at any type of age to perform it, right?

In the function of Detective Lynnwood, Kevin O’Grady gives an additional stellar performance opposite the splendid Lori Loughlin. What I evaluate so much about Kevin’s portrayal the this stalwart character is the he has indeed make Lynwood into a dynamic character the cannot be ignored. In the beginning of the series, Lynwood was more dismissive of Jenn’s capabilities. Lynwood appeared to it is in the typical, run-of-the-mill detective that never recognizes the services of utilizing a civilian’s intuition in the seemingly impossible situations to which Lynwood is subjected. Together he has actually grown by leaps and also bounds, while that still values Jenn’s safety above all else, he has concerned truly appreciate and also even applaud she skill and also talent at crime-solving. When she will probably never be afforded an main police consultant status, Lynwood knows the merit that Jenn bring to each and every case. And also furthermore, the knows that it is futile to warn her or implore her to stop. She’s independent and also reckless sufficient to fully ignore his well-meaning warnings. I look front to the continued unofficial partnership of Lynwood and also Jenn.

As because that Lori, ns doubt I have to convince anyone of she giftedness no one the fact that this role was composed for her and her alone–indubitably! While us can always count top top Jenn’s faculty for crime-solving, spicy wit, and also unsuspecting brilliance, over there is no one else ~ above the earth who can bring to the role of Jenn Shannon what Lori bring to this character with such ease and perfection.

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While I more than likely will never have actually the opportunity to tell her in human what one unbelievable talent she is nor just how much she movie and also television performances have meant come me end the years, ns shall perform my utmost to continue to celebrate she career in the only method I recognize how–reviewing her work and also declaring her among the reigning queens of Hallmark. The authenticity she bring to each role, and an especially this role, is certain mind-boggling, and also I’m so glad she has persisted in offering such significant programming to all of us viewers that relish top quality storytelling and also programming.

Be certain that you song in morning (August 13) to Hallmark movies & Mysteries to clock the following installment that this phenomenal series!