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What are common gas terminal expenses?

Below is a perform of usual expenses for a common Gas station / Convenience keep Operation. These figures are estimates and will vary depending on the location...

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Can you aid me with training?

Yes! We have actually been selling and also operating gas stations because 1980 and this suffer is pass on to our clients. We will help you with vendors, licenses, franchises, employee hiring and other elements of the business...

Daytona Beach, FLWe aided an inexperienced buyer acquisition a gas station for $200,000, negotiate a favorable it is provided contract, and also implement initiatives to boost monthly sales volume. With substantial growth in profitability, the buyer offered the gas station numerous years later for $420,000.
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#5521 Miami Shell



freshly Sold! $50,000 keep Sales per Month 60,000 Gallons per Month in ~ $.35 $136,000 Lotto Sales per Month $4,000 Rental income Per Month

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About this Property

Miami shell gas station for sale. Well created absentee operated covering Gas Station and also Convenience save with fix Bays situated minutes native Downtown Miami. The property is composed of a 16,377 SF hard edge lot with plenty of parking, a huge 3,526 SF structure (comprised that a C-Store and also Repair Bays) and also 4 EMV upgraded MPDs. The place is at a signalized intersection and also benefits from fantastic visibility, easy ingress and also egress and also a an unified AADT traffic Count of over 50,000 Vehicles every Day. Continual sales of 60,000 Gallons every Month at typical margin of $.35 per Gallon, $50,000 in Monthly Convenience keep Sales at 25% and also an astounding $136,000+ in monthly Lottery Sales. Rental income of $4,000 indigenous the fix Bays. This organization has a significant amount the upside potential v the enhancement of an owner/operator and also would benefit greatly native the enhancement of examine Cashing, Money Orders, Food van Rental, etc. The current Absentee Owner nets end $10,000 per month.

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Recently Sold!

Gas stations USA is Florida’s largest full company gas terminal broker encompassing Miami and all of Florida. Gas stations USA is not simply a broker, we will certainly also aid you collection up your new business by assisting with devices upgrades, obtaining licenses and acquiring the ideal gas it is provided contract for your station. We can assist you supply any major brand of fuel to your gas station (Shell, Sunoco, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, Mobil, BP, Citgo, Valero, Marathon, Pure, etc) with over 30 years of suffer in the industry, no other real estate firm has a much better understanding of just how to help you buy a gas station. Us have fantastic connections through banks regarding foreclosures / financial institution owned / REO gas stations, distressed properties, brief sales, and so on Give us a speak to at (386) 322-0673 to speak come an agent about all the gas stations for sale in Florida.

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