On the pass of 2000AD artist Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog, Bloody Mary) the is a good opportunity come look ago on one of his creations and an icon of British pop culture, judge Dredd that 2000AD.

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Dredd v Fear

The future lawman who acts as judge, jury and executioner in a post-nuclear apocalyptic future in the year 2099. Whereby the east coast of America is currently cordoned off from a radiation wasteland recognized as the Cursed Earth and named Mega-City One where 800 million human being are crammed in and also live in megalithic buildings called Mega Blocks.

Mega City One, Atlantic Coast

With the advance of smart robots, most of the work are currently automated which leaves civilians at a ns of what to do and many revert to crime.

It is in this cosmos that judge Dredd lives and carries the end his own version that justice.

From their Minds, that Came

Judge Dredd an initial appeared in the pages of 2000AD #2 in 1977. The British-based scientific research fiction anthology comic publication which serialised different stories weekly. Dredd is the comic publications longest running character and continues to show up in that pages in addition to his own spin-off Megazine comic book.

Early Mick McMahon art imitating Ezquerra who, after producing Dredd, walked out during pre-publication

The personality was produced by American born writer man Wagner (History of Violence, Judgement on Gotham), brother writer pat Mills (Slaine, abc Warriors) and also artist Carlos Ezquerra. Wherein they discover the principles of life in one authoritarian police state where mostly everything is a crime and also punishable by the law.

Judge, Jury and Executioner

The personality carries out words of the law and also ensures the all crimes are punished. That does this aided with his Lawmaster motorcycle, his lawmakers pistol through variable ammo and his colleagues in the judge System including Psi Division’s judge Anderson, a psychic that is able to help Dredd when it concerns the much more supernatural villains the the world.

Judge Anderson, Psi Division

Equipped come deal and also punish with any crimes referee Dredd has actually encountered numerous adventures and villains that have made their note in the tradition of Dredd.

Dredd’s Trusty Lawmaster

Let Me Tell you a Story of epos Tales

Most issues of referee Dredd were very episodic so there are just three major epic storylines from 40 years of Mega-City adventures.

The Cursed earth Saga

The Cursed Earth, May-October 1978

One that the very first long epic storylines because that Dredd was “The Cursed earth Saga”. Because of a torment affecting Mega-City two on America’s west coast, Dredd need to transport a vaccine indigenous one finish of the Cursed earth to the other.

His adventure meet monsters, mutants and also machines who make their life in the wasteland. This story is where Dredd’s character was created with his sewage never give up attitude to perfect his quest.


America, 1990

John Wagner’s favourite Dredd storyline is “America”. A politically charged story of two friends living in Mega City One, that both take various journeys. Dealing with life in a fascists style system rule by judges and also the idea of pass a more democratic federal government back.

Judge Dredd Origins

Judge Dredd: Origins, 2006

Wagner and Ezquerra obtained together to celebrate the 30th anniversary that the character to produce the “Judge Dredd Origins” story. At lengthy last, the story revealed what happened to bring about the Cursed Earth, Mega-Cities and the judge System and features flashbacks come 2027-2071.

The Cabal the Perps

As with most comic book characters, the (anti) hero is only as good as the supporting actors of villains. In the apocalyptic future, the writers and also artists have had scope to develop villains to difficulty not only the referee System but Dredd himself.

Judge Death

Judge Death, 1st Appearance 1980

The number one judge Dredd rogue is referee Death. A Dredd from an different dimension referred to as Deadworld wherein all life is a crime together it is just the living the commit crime. Death pertains to Mega City One and brings his format of judgement. Dredd is able to protect against him v the help of judge Anderson who consumes his psyche to host him prisoner.

Dark Judges

The Dark Judges, first Appearance 1981

The success of the character supposed that it to be not lengthy until the resurfaced. The escapes v the assist of his other Dark Judges, judge Fire, judge Fear and also Judge Mortis. Each through their own powers, they carry fear to Mega City One to bring out your judgement on the living. Again that is under to Dredd and also Anderson to deal with them.

Rico Dredd

Judge Rico, Clone Brother

Some villains save it in the family. Rico Dredd is the clone brothers of Dredd and proved come be much better than his younger brother throughout training to become a Judge. This hunger to be far better proved his downfall as he fell in to the criminal fraternity becoming affiliated in extortion and also racketeering.

His crimes where finished by his brother and was sentenced to two decades on the prions nest of Titan. Rico was the villain chosen to confront Sylvester Stallone (Over The Top, Oscar) in his 1995 movie played by Armand Assante (Mambo Kings)

Not just In The Funny Books

It has actually not only remained in comic books that the Judge has made his mark. The 1995 lukewarm got film was adhered to up through a more gritty violent film with 2012’s Dredd starring Karl city (Star Trek, lord of the Rings) and also Lena Headey (Game of Thrones).


The world has additionally appeared in video clip games. Starting with 1987’s judge Dredd on 8 bit residence computers. Adhered to by a movie tie game in 1995. The most renowned game is more than likely Sierra Entertainment’s 2003 game, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs death which appeared on PC and consoles.

As with other rich civilizations in a science fiction setting, the universe has additionally lent chin to plank games and role-playing games.

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The lawman continues to show up both 2000AD and Megazine. Over there is tho public demand for a sequel come the 2012 film however these fans may just need to it is in appeased by Judge Dredd: Mega-City One which is a TV present in production with two years of script completed.