The Gears that War franchise has inspired plenty of artists end the years to create their own interpretations that the series iconic arts style, and this fall, is partnering with among the world’s many popular power drink brands to deliver something distinct for fans. Today, Rockstar energy Drink and unveiled the Gears of battle 4 collector’s edition collection of can be ~ featuring 4 original designs by artists inspired by the blockbuster videogame franchise.

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Artists Jesse Hernandez, Hydro74, and GodMachine were hand selected through the Coalition and also Rockstar energy to record the yes, really vibe that both brands. The designs will certainly be featured top top 16 oz. Can be ~ of Rockstar energy Original and also Punched available at sleeve stores throughout US and also Canada this fall. United kingdom will attribute one exclude, design available on Rockstar power Original.


“Fueling the passions of consumers has constantly been in ~ the core of Rockstar power Drink. In partnership through the Gears that War franchise, with each other we space bringing pan a variety of authentic contents to boost their gaming experience. We’re excited because that fans to start Gearing Up,” said Jason May, EVP that Marketing in ~ Rockstar energy Drink.

If she attending PAX West this weekend, you’ll be able to score your first Rockstar power Gears of war 4 collectors cans at a range of locations:

September 2 – 5 look because that the Rockstar power street team in downtown Seattle near PAX West

Additionally, will certainly be featuring the artist design in a minimal time t-shirt collection, BAIT x Gears the War, v Seattle boutique BAIT at 915 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122.

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Finally, pan of the artwork deserve to download desktop wallpapers for your PC, tablet or mobile an equipment from