Come and try this Panzer High

Truth be told, Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Matchisn’t the video game I want out that something based upon one of my favorite anime series.

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That video game would it is in the best ambassador for the happiness of Girls und Panzer, bringing its distinct blend of sports, cuteness, and armored warfare to the gaming masses the way the ultimate Ninja Storm game lugged Narutofandom, or the method one might in theory end up being a pan of Sword arts Onlinesolely with playing the games.

Dream Tank Matchisn’t that game, but that’s not to say playing it wasn’t a blast, or also that non-fans that the collection won’t obtain anything out of it.


Also advantageous is the visual and audio splendor. Every tank is lovingly in-depth as expected, however is stylized come emphasizethe bright colors and poppy impacts of the show. The contrast works good as the atmospheres vary indigenous the common battlefields of various other games. Numerous levels are set inside small, contemporary Japanese communities (with the college Ships looming in the distance), or ~ above golf courses, or inside amusement parks. The music, largely consisting the jaunty military-style marches, is additionally taken indigenous the display – and also from history, as the soundtrack has renditions of pieces like Russian people song “Katyusha”, the UK’s “The brother Grenadiers”, and also even “The fight Hymn the the Republic”, played once the American-themed Saunders High tanks space in play. Customization adds an additional level of otaku nonsense, together unlockable decals and paintjobsallow players to assemble the most cringe-worthy anime tanks known to man. If you thought the hideous itashaparked outside comic conventions to be bad/awesome enough, shot plastering anime cuties’ faces everywhere a 200-ton “Maus” tank and also taking it right into battle.

With forty-four playable tanks come unlock, and hundreds of decals to farm yard from collectibles scattered about the stages, there’s plenty because that a specialized Girls und Panzer fan to carry out as a display of devotion. The skill, though, comes right into play in the game’s multiplayer modes. Girlfriend matches and custom lobbies are available for use, but I uncovered the many success just quick corresponding into Annihilation (team deathmatch) or Flag Tank (kill the VIP) sessions. Though the matches and fairly small step won’t ever enable for the tactical ingenuity shown in the show, the hard combat enables for part rollicking tank brawls, v vehicles circling each other crazily. “Events” space occasionally held to mix things up, like including limited-time team comps. For example, the present event restricts both sides to the hilariously little Carro Veloce, one Italian “tankette” equipped with a pea-shooter machine gun and prone come flipping over in anything more powerful than a stubborn breeze.

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Ultimately,Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Matchisnt the perfect primer because that Girls und Panzer, nor could anyone suppose it come dethrone contemporaryporary tank sims, yet taken on its own merits, it’s a solidly-built, roundly enjoyable foray right into the fun-loving human being of Girls und Panzer, transporting a ton of pan service and some engaging combat top top top.