Spoilers and stuff. Late to the party, simply finished, and the search function sucks so i m really sorry if this came up. For this reason the plot is the Booker is trying to wipe away a debt, however I never interpreted what the debt was. I always thought it was the sins of the battle of injured knee since they were never ever washed away from Booker. Yet then i was called is was gambling. Go that simply feel wrong to you? it does to me. Choose to jump from a gambling blame to selling your daughter simply feels wrong and also out of character because that Booker. Am ns crazy here?


Like to run from a gambling debt to offering your daughter just feels wrong and also out the character because that Booker.

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How so? in ~ the time, Booker was a 19-year-old emotionally distraught alcohol addict piss-poor war veteran through a child that he had actually no method of supporting. It's necessary to know that Booker isn't a good person (or, at least, the wasn't).

I think it was both. He had gambling debts but he also felt guilty because that slaughtering innocent human being at wounded knee so they told that he'd also wash away his sins if he offered up anna. Either way, it's a weird point to offer your baby.

It is inferred there was no debt, but rather a motivational an approach used by the Luteces to motivate Booker by fear. They feeling bad around what happened, and also want revenge against Comstock. The keep in mind sounds threatening, and the body in the lighthouse renders sure he doesn't rotate back. Since his mental is making up his reasons as he goes along, the assumes he has debt, and needs to go v with detect "the girl", who he rightly assumes is Elizabeth.

Like to run from a gambling debt to offering your daughter simply feels wrong and out of character for Booker.

Yes and also no, us don't exactly know what walk down. Yet Comstock was a understand manipulator who provided religion together his tool. Religion is especially an excellent at utilizing your guilt against you, and also Booker had actually plenty the that. Integrate that with the fact that Comstock knew every one of Booker's sins and also it's no unrealistic to imagine a scenario whereby Comstock controlled to convince Booker that he'd it is in a much much better father then Booker ever can be and that he'd it is in doing her a donate by letting her go.

Personally i imagined the "debts" come be more spiritual in nature.

Think of the time it's set in. 1912. All the way into the 60's it to be pretty usual for human being to offer or adopt out their children. Larger households unable to carry out for every one of them would market off the oldest to pay for care of the youngest who were tho dependent on their mother. It's harsh, but it's history. It's happened. In Booker's instance he is a mess. PTSD native his battles, his mam passed, as much as his eyeballs in debt, feasible alcoholic and a single father. In his mindset it was what would work ideal not just for the but additionally his daughter because what chance would she have in this world with him together a father? not that she to be handed over to far better care, just saying I deserve to imagine that to it is in his believed process.

I think the the debt Booker was trying to pay was originally a literal monetary debt, which probably came indigenous his gambling problems (in the ending, you have the right to see steed race betting stubs on his desk, which indicate gambling addiction).

But then ns was said is to be gambling. Go that simply feel wrong come you? the does to me. Prefer to run from a gambling debt to selling your daughter just feels wrong and out of character for Booker. Am ns crazy here?

Booker's debt isn't the type of blame you deserve to ignore and also receive a strong worded letter for, it's the sort of debt where a bunch that thugs sneak right into your residence in the center of the night and also break her fucking legs, his time v the Pinkertons provides him intimately acquainted with the kinds of techniques they'll use.

Booker is afraid for his life and also he isn't emotionally fit or financially secure sufficient to appropriately raise his daughter, Comstock's market looks set to fix both these problems, every his debts go away and he deserve to sleep soundly discovering his small girl is cultivation up in an setting where every her needs deserve to be listed for.

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Unfortunately for Comstock, Booker's paternal instinct kicks in in ~ the last minute.