During any type of crisis, you might hear the phrase, “God offers his toughest battles to his the strongest soldiers.”

Perhaps this quote, placed on a solid-color or aesthetically pleasing social media backdrop, sought to encourage girlfriend to press on amidst the challenges of this turoulend season. But, similar to paragraph like, “God help those who aid themselves,” this mantra go not appear anywhere in Scripture.

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In fact, we might do ourselves harm by believing in the quote, “God gives his toughest war to his the strongest soldiers.” back the expression may show up to be encouraging—even harmless—the ideas held within space anything but biblical.

Let’s dive right into what Scripture in reality says, what the holy bible tells us about strength in the midst of adversity, and also how we must rely on god’s strength and also not our own.

3 reasons Why This saying Isn"t in the Bible

Let’s breakdown the phrase to know why this does no align through Scripture.

1. It"s dangerous to compare our battles.First, stop analyze the word “toughest.” Toughest appears to placed the battles of a Christian on a pedestal. The somehow encountering a trial (that we may deem more an overwhelming by human standards) elevates united state to a higher rank than other Christians. Because that instance, mine Grandma passed away recently. However my friend has actually lost her mom recently. Mine friend might say, “Well, mine trial is more daunting than yours, so i’m a tougher soldier than you.”

Scripture cautions us versus playing the comparison game (Galatians 6:4-6). Compare is a cancer, and it eats away at our joy.

And us can’t objectively measure up toughness. My battle with singleness together a hopeless romantic is walk to be far different than someone that is solitary and feeling lukewarm about a relationship. Since I struggle and also they nothing does no make me any less tough of a soldier. And the truth that they might struggle through a sin such together pornography and I carry out not, walk not threaten them together a soldier.

2. Where does our toughness come from?Second, let’s talk around the word, strongest. Fine dive much more into this below, however the explicate of humankind in bible is a far cry native strength. Our concepts of self-reliance and also pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps aren’t biblical at all.

Paul, among the “strongest soldiers” in the Christian room of fame, typically talks about his weakness (2 Corinthians 12). Jesus calls our meat weak (Matthew 26:41), in various other words, we can’t be self-reliant.

Not just do we danger peril once we to speak we have the right to rely on ourselves, but we go versus the principles of our meat in the Bible. We have to rely ~ above the Lord.

3. God never leaves united state in our trials.Third, the quote gets rid of God from the equation. It implies that he simply plops us into a battle and also sits back and watches us fight.

Let me usage this example: mine friend, an honors college student at a college, has enrolled into honors classes. The teachers have much greater expectations because that those students. They get harder tests and far an ext stringent guidelines on their homework—all because that the services of honors being detailed next come their name on the graduation program. My friend no this.

He has involved the realization that couple of people at graduation, or future employers, will care a an excellent deal if he has actually “honors” by his name. He says, “Part the me wishes i wasn’t honors so mine GPA i will not ~ suffer.” He doesn’t take encourage that he is the “strongest” college student academically once he receive a test that is much harder than an additional student that doesn’t have actually the honors label.

In the same way, the verisimilitude of the warm and also fuzzies us feel after analysis the quote rubs off in about two seconds. If God provides us difficult battles, why no he fighting together us? Why does he leave united state alone to this trials? and also why can not we just remove the “honors” argorial from ours label and get an much easier battle?


The problem with reasoning We"re the Strongest

Good news: God does hit for us (Exodus 14:14) and with united state (Ephesians 6). And also when us cannot fight, he continues to perform so.

Why? due to the fact that we depend on him. We recognize that he offers us far more than we deserve to handle, but when yoked with him, he deserve to handle the burden (Matthew 11:28-30).

When we think we have the right to fight the fight on our own strength, we forgo our spirituality armor. We forget the factor we can even participate in any fight in the first place, due to the fact that the holy Spirit dwells within of us.

Thinking we’re strong enough to fight leaves out our require for God. It defeats the objective of Christianity: that we have to rely ~ above God to transform us, lull us, shape us, and also grow us closer come him.

What does the scriptures Say around Who is Strongest?

The scriptures has a funny way of transforming our social ideas ~ above its head. The “strongest” soldiers space the “weakest” by human standards.

The meek inherit the earth, the poor in spirit get the kingdom the heaven, and those who mourn get comfort.

Scripture flips the idea of “the strongest.” The weakest have actually the most “strength” since they rely on Christ (2 Corinthians 12:7-10). Samson doesn’t restore his strength, after relying on it because that so long, until he turns to God (Judges 16:29).

Scriptures around Being strong in difficult Times

So whatdoesScripture say about strength in the midst of a an overwhelming time, such together a an international pandemic? The scriptures does have a great deal to talk around when it concerns faith in tough times.

1 john 5:4 states that anyone “born of God” overcomes the world. 2 Timothy 4:7 declares the Christians who live faithfully will have combated the good fight, and won the gyeongju of life.

In other words, in the middle of the pain and also suffering, we uncover strength in the future God has for us. We location our faith in him and also rely on his promises, learning that we have actually not yet reached the end.

We likewise find stamin in knowing that God sits v us in the midst of the hurt, the pain, and also the uncertainty. Not just did the live ~ above earth and understand (He wept, after all, man 11:35), however the holy Spirit who indwells united state does no leave united state alone in ours darkest moments.

Does God Really offer Us our Toughest Battles?

Once again, we have to understand the word “toughest” can use to every the soldiers. We all endure battles the test the deepest desires of our hearts. Favor Abraham, God recognizes once we’ve inserted idols in front of him and also our war shake us to our core (Genesis 22).

In short, yes, we all obtain our “toughest” war in the feeling that life is tough. Nobody comes the end of it there is no a good deal the bruises and also collateral damage from the war. Because the nature of sin and its results on the world, to suffer is human, and also we all suffer hardship and also uncertainty.

But prayer God, the fights for us. God is the the strongest warrior, and also praise the Lord, as soon as we count on him—he can assist us get through the toughest battles.

A Prayer to depend on God"s Strength

Dear Heavenly Father, ns often uncover myself attempting to lean onto my very own strength. Aid me to recognize that also my so-called strength originates from you. Repeat me that I should rely ~ above you. This life presents so numerous hardships and an overwhelming battles, and also Lord, ns cannot hit a single day without you.

Remind me of your goodness, your promises, and also your life, and also that girlfriend will never forsake me. Amen.

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