To upgrade a powerful armor come its complete potential girlfriend will need a few rare resources. They room Pristine Ore that will certainly be used to update the chest piece, Dust because that waist and also Scale for the wrist armor. These sources are within a legend chest and also you acquire a bundle of eleven pieces. In this guide, girlfriend will gain God of war Pristine Dust, Ore, scales of The realm Locations.

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Pristine Ore, Dust and Scale Locations

Pristine Dust the the realm Location

Location: stone Falls

Use the stone Falls gateway you to reach the location, girlfriend will need Atreu’s Shock Arrows for getting the rarely resource. Head come the northeast the Lake that Nane and also Tyr’s Temple. Pristine Dust is in a legend Chest, to accessibility you will have to blow increase the red crystals using shock arrows. This will certainly unlock course and additionally remove roots so that you have the right to move on.

At rock Falls, once you room on the beach, watch on the right side and also you will view a legendary Chest that is spanned with roots. Next to this beach is a large chain the is associated to two substantial doors. You have to land top top the left side, when you dock your boat, climb the tiny plateau ahead to usage the chain. Look on the left for a wood bridge, overcome it and jump through the waterfall to with the other side. Keep relocating towards your left, and also you will certainly reach a small drop. You will certainly land on a platform above the legend Chest, use Atreus arrows come shoot the vine that is impede the gigantic wheel. Climb down using the nearby chain and also you will be ago at the beginning area. Before going close to the chest wait because that the water wheel decision to appear over the target, shoo it and also all vines will certainly be destroyed. You have the right to now collection Pristine Dust from the legendary Chest.

Pristine Ore that the realm Location

Location: steel Cove

For this, girlfriend will have to use the Niflheim realm Tower mystic gateway and also you will have the ability to get this source only when the water level in ~ Lake the Nine has actually dropped twice. Once the water is down, you have to go to Isle of Death. Look on the map the is situated on the southwest side of the lake. There is a broken ship top top the rocks in this area, friend will have to dock your watercraft at this beach. Pass through the narrow passage and also turn left after the very first rock. You will spot a wall surface to climb, walk up by jumping towards the plateau in ~ a distance. You will certainly reach an additional rock come climb, you have to go to the following plateau. Save going left and also go up when again. As soon as you space on the final plateau which has actually a damaged ship top top it, use the zip line to with Iron Cove.

Your next objective is to open the runic doors. You will need to locate 3 rune signs, keep relocating towards the left side. The first sign is close to the plateau with the Runic doors, for the 2nd you will have to go down and take left. In ~ a distance, you will spot a wooden fence. For the last one, friend will need to go close to the damaged ship. Rise up and also look towards the water, girlfriend will check out some red pots. Break them and you will check out the last sign. As soon as done you have to adjust the signs according to the once on the doors and then you can open it. Next access the legend Chest because that Pristine Ore of the Realm.

PristineScale that the realm Location

Location: light Elf outpost

You can use the Svartalfheim Tower mystic gateway to reach this point. Girlfriend can accessibility the resource only once the water has receded twice. Light Elf station is ~ above the northwest side of Lake the Nine, girlfriend will have to reach on optimal of the island. You deserve to spot that easily, there space a lot of ruins around. You have the right to use the blue crystals to activate a irradiate bridge and also move ahead. Once done you will have to open a door that will lead you to the top, simply shoot the blue crystal above it and reach an additional side. You can then access the legend Chest because that Pristine range of the Realm.

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After having actually all the three rare resources you deserve to upgrade her armor to complete power. For more similar guides and updates top top the game, you can read our God of war Wiki guide.